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Just imagine, being able to go visit death or quickchat the amount of Gp you've paid to death to reclaim your items over the time of your scaping adventures, wouldn't that just be glorious? I know personally I'm in well over 300-500mil paid to him over the past year lol. What do you guys think wouldn't it be awesome? Could get a cool title when you've paid death 100mil, or 500mil or whatever. This is just a rough draft of it but basically he just keeps track of how much you pay him each time you reclaim your items, and totals it up for you! I am Roxas

14-Oct-2019 20:37:11

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It sounds like a great way to know how much time and energy you have put into dying at a boss over and over again. it has my approval!!!!
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20-Oct-2019 23:01:31

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Kings Abbot

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TheOnlyRoxas said:
I hate that my thread hasn't gotten any suggestions. How can nobody else want this as bad as me?

We're not you. Not that it's a bad suggestion (I would have said so if that were the case), personally I'm just kinda 'meh...' about it. Like the Neutral Union from Futurama. I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
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25-Nov-2019 21:11:18

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