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I am rather proud of some of the discontinued items I have worked for through my RS career. However, I frequently worry about account security. Despite having Authenticator/bank PIN and two-factor authentication on my recovery e-mail, I still struggle with this.

Something that would help put my mind at ease would be a "Super Keepsake Key". I could lock up my partyhat in much the same fashion as a traditional keepsake key, but with the added security of a timer preventing me from removing it for a certain number of hours. 72-hours, 7-days, whatever. Then, every time I login, the game would prompt me asking if I am sure that I want to remove the item until the timer expired. If I were to somehow lose control of my account, as long as I log on regularly, I would not lose something I have spent years working towards. I would be willing to spend a large sum of runecoins on something like this.

I would even be willing to put some of my dyed items into a permanent keepsake box.

10-Oct-2019 00:42:10

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