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Was thinking it would be nice to have 3 save slots for group progress on instances such as elite dungeons.

You'd save your progress on either an item or a button that appears when in certain areas.

In my situation it would be ideal for when my low level friend who can't play for very long logs off while playing temple of aminishi, we could save our progress in a save slot then I can start a new Aminishi with a couple of clannies between the time my friend logs on the next day (or year). I can then load up the progress I was making the previous day.

I imagine this would be even more useful with future instances to come as high level players wouldn't find this useful when they can complete an elite dungeon really quickly in one sitting.

That brings me to suggest this would be a low level reward. Maybe purchased for 200k Dung tokens or a quest reward?
Some like it Ruf

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