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It would be really helpful to me if we could search inside of the Costume room. To conserve on Bank space, I put a lot of outfits into the costume room (looots of capes) in my POH. However, finding those outfits again is a pain. This is especially difficult with all of the Capes of Accomplishment. Their icons/thumbnails are all very similar to each other, so I spend a lot more time that I would like to find the cape that I need at the time (for skilling, or whatever).

I absolutely love that we are able to access the Costume room from the bank (and Diango), so that is wonderful. I'm just asking that we be able to search for things inside of our costume room as well.

03-Oct-2019 19:15:11

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Kings Abbot

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03-Oct-2019 20:17:24

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