Augment Dragonrider armor

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Sunny Gert

Sunny Gert

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Title is simple as said, it would help boost popularity for celestials and make them worth more money in the long run. I want to get others opinion on this. I'm sure and an augmentable prayer hybrid armor would be nice to have in the game.

13-Sep-2019 19:18:47



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Celestials have a decent return for how easy they are to kill, they’d need buffing if you wanted to boost their rewards.

There’s also the Sliske armour set so I don’t know if augmented dragon rider is something that’d be needed all that much.
, the patch week pet.
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14-Sep-2019 12:43:01

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I ate all
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I ate all

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I've been somewhat skeptical when it comes towards augmenting Warpriest gear due to its ease of obtaining, but Dragonrider I can definitely get behind due to how rare its dropped.

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14-Sep-2019 16:15:13

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