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Along with aggressive MTX, Runescape is also suffering from increasing membership ($12 up from the original $5) without much justification considering how aggressive the MTX is getting.

Also, it is a lot of work now since 120s are the true main and Jagex is pumping out more new skills going to 120, which will encourage more key buying once the amnesty is lifted.
Therefore, to make membership costs more palatable, I suggest letting us create more than one character per account. World of Warcraft by Blizzard, Onigiri Online by Cyberstep, Archeage by XLGames, Elder Scrolls Online by Bethesda, Eve Online by CPP and Guild Wars 1 and 2 by Arenanet justify their costs by letting players create more than one character per account. Some of them give out a default of 2 characters per free to play account until you buy an expansion which will give you 3 more character slots per account, which can then be furthered with MTX currency.

Runescape by Jagex is the only game I can think of that lets you create only 1 character per account. Just 1.

While World of warcraft charges $20 per month, they let you create up to 16 characters per server per region of 4 regions. Even though there is a regional cap on the number of characters you can make, 16 per server is already more than enough for a proper roleplay or mule purposes.

Guild Wars 2 and Archeage start of with 2 characters per account. But why stick around as f2p if you like their games? Buy a one-time expansion and in both cases you get 5 characters per account and can increase this up to 70 in the case of Guild Wars 2 with gems (MTX currency). Also, Guild Wars 2 charges $30 to buy all three expansions Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire and Icebrood Saga (that's essentially as complete a game you can get at the time of this post) along with 5 character slots for you to play. They charge NO monthly subscription.

Onigiri Online: By default you get 6 character slots and it is free to play.
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As for the other games I put up there, that was just from the top of my head after a quick Google search and haven't gone in there to check them out unlike the games I have listed on here.

But that is already a lot of examples to justify membership or expansion costs for successful games. It is time for Runescape to follow suit and get rid of this dated one account per character restriction. And in fact, we can do better:

Allow the use of alt character simultaneous log-in per account like we can do currently, but with multiple characters per account paying the same membership prices, to make Runescape alt and roleplay services more dynamic and engaging than the other games up there who can't do that. Be revolutionary.

And regarding the rules, while trading between accounts is allowed, things like rigging raffles should be disallowed per current rule 6. And with all characters on one account, it is much easier to track raffle riggers and ban the account with all characters on it for infractions like rigging raffles and botting etc. (PS: Should a ban against alt raffle rigging be adopted warn in advance and only ban people who break this rule after it has been improvised as admittedly many people including myself have used multiple accounts for raffles since Jagex kept saying it is fine. And I’ll be honest: I only mentioned this rule to appease the anti-raffle riggers who will no doubt shell my thread on reddit and possibly this forum, especially from one player I shan’t name.

With respects to existent alts, especially those with exclusive items, Jagex could allow account integration into one character. Such a system must confirm if the alt account really belongs to the owner of the main via email confirmation and authenticator in addition to passwords and username on both accounts. Also, the login location of both the main and alt must be at least 1 year.
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Also, there is a 1 week grace period before the integration takes effect with daily warnings like how you reset skills at Nastaroth. Finally, a payment of $xx is required on integration day.

After integration, any offences (expired and active) on any alt (except for permanent bans because if an account is permanently banned, it's essentially non existent and can't be integrated) is carried over to the main account. Players will be warned about this prior to integration: (Warning: You have xxx offence on (alt username). Are you sure you want to integrate and carry this offence over to your main account?)

For example, alt known as 'LeetCrazySpammer' is integrated with a main called 'AbsolutelyLawfulPlayer'

LeetCrazySpammer had permanent mute before integration. After integration, both 'LeetCrazySpammer' and 'AbsolutelyLawfulPlayer' are now permanently muted.
If LeetCrazySpammer had permanent ban, then it can't be integrated with any other character at all.

Note: Character names I provided deliberately exceed character limit of 12 letters to avoid falsely implicating any actual players.

Character integration into one account is permanent and irreversible unless a ticket has been submitted that one of the two was hacked and actually does not belong to one player, whereupon if there is sufficient proof, the two characters will be separated and given back to their respective owner's accounts. If the integrator is also guilty of hacking (a.k.a he wasn't hacked by a vengeful third party who wanted to screw two players and is indeed the original cuplrit) his account and all characters in it will be banned.

Character(s) that got banned along with an account can be freed and reclaimed upon sufficient proof the character(s) was stolen and integrated.

Character Transfer:

Like World of Warcraft, players can freely transfer characters across accounts they own for $xx. Transfers and integration are free if stolen characters are returned to the original owners.
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This would be a cool feature to have. Though, many players have multiple account because of Hardcore and other various reasons so I doubt those can be migrated over which would be the only way if a character creation and selection screen were ever to be made.
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