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Ref Tifa

Ref Tifa

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"The trees, the earth, the sky, the Cosmetics: All play their part upon this land. May Guthix bring thee balance." Transcript:Guthix's Book of Balance. (Edited)

Cosmetics are a one of the reasons I got bored of the game, like a lot of people I used to love roaming the world and seeing an item I'd never seen and going "Wow, where did that come from?" however this magic has been lost ever since it became possible for a level 10 to float past me sparkling like a Twilight vampire in daylight.

People deserve the right to have cosmetics and by default they should be enabled, however for us few who dislike them can there not be an option to opt out please?

To the Admin/Mod who pushes for this I thank thee and offer free cookies.

With Love,
Rogue Eagle Fighter - Tifa

09-Sep-2019 19:29:14

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