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Licked Eyes
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Licked Eyes

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In short i have two ideas:

- Why can't we consume a potion while inside of the bank?
obviously not the largest of concerns, but being able to say, use a perfect plus potion from within the bank interface - without having to exit the bank just to simply use the potion to, then again re-enter the bank to deposit the potion since it is now no longer of use. i can imagine this could be useful during questing scenarios as well. Furthermore, it would also be way more efficient to be able to summon or to renew a pet from within the bank interface. Personally, ideally i would like to see the bank interface operating as smoothly as possible, since many of us spend a lot of time there.

- Secondly, and a little more far fetched - i have always wondered why we were never able to actually skill from within the bank interface, like herblore / fletching / even alching - taste being subjective, but for the introverted individual i spend quite an amount of time within the bank interface, maybe re-organizing or just skilling in general, so with the new bank update, now really seems to be a better time than ever to be able to make such a thing even possible.

Thank you for the read, would appreciate any feedback. :)

15-Oct-2019 03:22:59

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