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It's always kind of bugged me that the only way you can get Cosmic and Astral runes separately in the Runespan is through esshounds, because the actual nodes (Nebulae) are Astral and Cosmic combined.
So here's my brilliant idea:
Make nebulae pure Astral energy, and add a new node, say..."constellations" that are pure cosmic energy. For combined Astral/Cosmic energy, the node could be something like a mini solar system, a planet with rings, or a tiny galaxy.

I also have a minor suggestion regarding the Mind energy nodes. Rather than a "Mind Storm," which reuses the Cyclone design, just with lightning, maybe something like an "Idea" could be used, which would look like a collection of multicoloured geometric shapes.

What do you guys think?

15-Oct-2019 03:12:05

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