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Prayer levels should unlock combat abilities which have a fixed-rate prayer drain, but don't grant/use adrenaline. Prayer abilities should impact global cooldown.

Abilities should be unlocked by via points, granted from completing various prayer-training tasks, generated by various NPC, which are similar in design to slayer masters.
Example Low Reward Tasks:
Edgeville Monastery Monk: Offer 120-160 Bones on the monastery alter.
Chaotic Druid: Pour 100 jugs of wine upon big bones, and offer them to Zamorak at one of his alters.
Guthix Druid: Mix bone meal with ashes to create boney ash, and offer it to Guthix in Taverly.

Example High Reward:
Offer reinforced bone meal to Sliske.
Offer reinforced bones using elder pyre at the Ritual Alter of the Maharat.
Offer searing ashes at the deep wilderness Chaos Alter.

Example Ability:
Chaotic Deflection: recoils next incoming attack directly back at its source for half of the damage.

Balanced Nature: Chance of healing double the incoming damage. Equal chance of doubling the incoming damage.

Pious Refraction: disperses incoming damage between lifepoints and other combat stats. Such as 1000 incoming damage would be reduced to 500 lifepoints damage, and 50 (10th of the lifepoints) combat stats would be reduced at random. Stat reduction would last 10 seconds, non-recovery from overloading potion.

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