Slayer Helmet Coloring in RS3.

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R0ck With Me

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I am someone who also enjoys playing a little Old School Runescape from time to time, I really enjoy the cool slayer helmet recolorings. like how u can get a jet black color or a blood red color with the use of monsters heads. It would be cool if we could get the same feature or something similar in RS3 for slayers to grind for and unlock.

24-Oct-2019 17:24:38

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Every colour will add the amount of different versions of the helmets already in the game to that amount.
Say there are x versions of the helmet, taking into account all the different upgrades and such. For n colours, that would result in an increase of n*x different helmets. There are a lot of different versions already (so x is quite big), each taking up a separate item ID. Too much item IDs would be lost like this. There's a reason why they removed the ability to store Summoning scrolls into helmets: it took up too much item IDs.
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24-Oct-2019 21:26:11

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You can already recolour your helmets through the use of Loyalty Points. If they add more colours, this is probably the way they should do it.

I think slayer in RS3 already has enough of a 'grind' element, what with the codex, toolbelt unlocks, helmet upgrades and QOL unlocks, so I don't think recolours should necessarily come from training.


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