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Just want to add that we can leave money into the store for the item we want to buy. Like the G.E but it is for store around runescape so we can just go to the store and pick up the items. If we havent log on for a few days to do our daily things. Like buying box of feathers, vial, and yak hides. It is better to have a store holding like the kingdom of we owned when we did the quest. It just an idea to help players like myself that just don't have time to log on everyday to buy boxes or weekly.

Like have a tab in the store saying wish to buy and you put as much money you want until limited and every time the idea get restocked. It will be in the store or have a collected store tab in bank or G.E so we can pick it up there too.

I just want to make this easy for players that miss a day or weeks of runescape and miss out on daily routine to make money.

You can make this for free to play too. but as a member it will help us to just log on and collect from the store we put money in. Like weapon, armor, runes, clothes, herbs, and etc stores.

What do you guys think?
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19-Aug-2019 06:02:44

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Pop O said:
yah the entire point is that people cant get those materials easily thats what gives them value

Indeed, implementing this will just render these money-making methods completely useless.
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