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Here's the thing. I have recently gotten into OSRS, and I'm loving the nostalgia. However, I do feel like I'm "cheating" on my RS3 account by not continuing to skill/merch/etc, because I have to choose to either play one or the other.

Perhaps the reasons for not allowing both games to be played simultaneously on the same account is due to security reasons. However, RS already requires two-step verification; if we were really looking after security, couldn't we add some sort of two-step in-game verification? I.e. if someone / you log in to both games at the same time, one or the other gets a notification to either allow or deny it.

Perhaps the reason is due to Jagex not wanting pay-to-play players to double-dip by playing both games at the same time? If this is the case, then what about all of those multi-account users who simply trade bonds between each of their accounts?

I would love to be able to play both games at the same time; work on skilling on the newer OSRS account, while working on making it rain on the older RS3 account.

Pretty, pretty please? :D


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You can't play both at the same time with the same account because they both use the same account data. It's just technically impossible to have one set of data loaded in at two different places at the same time. Account security or trying to maximise profit have nothing to do with it.
You're really not the first to ask.

It is perfectly possible to use two different accounts, one to play RS3 and the other to play OSRS simultaneously. You'll have to pay double membership, but some people are willing to pay that. Using Bonds can lower the price.
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