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We need a way to enlarge our text in game.

I have a few friends.I help a lot.That have to use a magnifier to read text in game.I think their game would be a lot more fun if they could read more clearly.I'm positive the people that help people with bad eyes.Would be able to tons easier.Making our game much better.

We also have very tiny text with our larger monitors.The text is so small for people with larger screens.I find myself actually ignoring the chat because I have to be on top of my monitor to read it.I'm sure this is an issue for a lot of players as well.

Is there a way or can there be a way to make our text larger?Maybe a little magnifier on the chat box?Wouldn't even have to be much,maybe 3 settings.


Maybe we could have a zoom on the chat options bar.That zoomed that chat box?Seems harder than a simple switch. Right click zoom would be nice.
Come on RuneScape.This isn't something that's not already available.I mean just look at the top of our window when we make a post.^^^^^Kind of

Nothing hard or big.Keeping it simple in fact. To simple to have not already been done.

To keep it real.Have you ever tried to help someone?That can't read the chat.

Can we get some support on this one?.It just seems to hit the top of the ignore list. In the mean time we get "Bad Eyes" Help us fill this thread.We need this. Tell your clans. Let's get it done.
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Mod Kelpie said:
Still not a Ninja Fix, you are asking in the wrong forum.
We've been asking for this in every forum possible. For more than 6 years.
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Support! I have a few friends in their 50's and 60's on rs, and they have trouble reading the chats and have resorted to using magnifying glasses because it's so bad.

A zoom option would be a nice addition to the game :)
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06-May-2017 04:45:37

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Full support!

Surprised there isn't an option already in 2017!

This option would also work great for the website!

I'm 20 years old and from a recent eye test scored 0-0 both eyes (which I presume is good because I didn't need glasses) and I still struggle to see the "Forums Mods | Code Of Conduct | Search Users" option!

Lots of other games have this already, and even phones implement a negative/high contract option as well as text enlargement.

This could be done on a percentage increase, in settings.
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07-May-2017 11:21:36

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Tip for the forums (and the rest of the website) - if you hit Ctrl + '=' it will zoom in the browser a bit, making everything bigger on the screen. Ctrl + '-' will zoom back out making things smaller again, and Ctrl + '0' will reset the zoom back to normal.

On a mac, use the Command key rather than the Control (Ctrl) key and it works the same. This works on every standard web browser that I know of.

Unfortunately, this tip does not work in-game, and I definitely agree that this is a much needed feature.
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08-May-2017 23:05:18

eye urn mahn
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eye urn mahn

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I know there had been some work done on scaling interfaces for oldschool, but that's probably not much help for rs3. With how many more interaces there are in rs3, and the ability to move them all and change their sizes, it's probably way more complicated. It's not a great solution, but for the time being people can try lowering their screen resolution so everything is bigger on the screen.

09-May-2017 02:21:37



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a resizable chatbox would be fantastic. (resizable in scale not just the amount of rows)

on top of that, perhaps seperate scales for the game world and the surrounding boxes like inv etc. (including for legacy interface mode, some people prefer simplicity)
then i would be able to have a tiny character in a massive bit of land, and a normal size chat box/inventory without having to change my screen resolution which messes with other alternate windows.
this is really quite a basic idea tbh.

09-May-2017 14:36:59

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