new idea for woodcutting

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maybe once u get to a sertain level you can unlock chinasaws which will cut down trees faster and can also be used asa weapon against enemies thinka bout it chinasaws will be great 4 the game

11-Oct-2019 22:45:39

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I'm not sure of a real world country or a piece of porcelain would be effective in cutting down a tree. One is much too large and unwieldy and the other a tad brittle. I fear it would have the same effect as trying to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a Herring.

In all seriousness, Dwarven Chainaxe's are about as close as you can have a chainsaw at the moment.


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When I think of chainsaws I think either psycho serial killers or (illegal) deforesting. Neither sound that good.

I wouldn't mind a herring override for hatchets though!
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