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Solak Leech
friends chat was created by a group of friends to help provide services for others in need for a Solak kill or kills, as well as Elite dungeon 1, 2, and 3 leeches kills for comp. We also do ED1 token farming for dungeoneering tokens at a cheap rate. Our Solak service is only for 3 man mode. You will be provided with a successful Solak kill guaranteed. Our friends chat consists of elite PvMers who are experienced in killing Solak and many other high tier bosses. We provide the cheapest and most efficient service in game currently.

To contact us join the friends chat Solak Leech or pm ingame Ally or XJ9.

Please have Discord readily available for important call-outs and information to ensure you have a smooth successful kill.

Solak Leech

Our success rate is better than any other team 100%.

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Really good people, nice to talk to and understanding and not raging on nub-bossers (like me). They got me a kill on 3rd try which is pretty insane with my boss skills. Very nice experience. And def worth the money. My best boss experience ingame till now! Recommending it to everyone. Thanks guys for getting my comp back <3

04-Jun-2018 23:18:52

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The people are Very professional and guided you through the boss.
They're also one of the cheapest people around!!

Would recommend for anyone who needs helps with solak.

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i had a great experience with this fc!

i got a pretty fast kill and got fully guided through the kill with me having to put pretty much minimal effort in.
everyone was really nice and u are fully treated with respect.

would recommend everyone to try this fc out!
10/10 guys and thanks for giving me my comp back!

05-Jun-2018 01:06:59

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Amazing team got me the kill 1st try! and very fast if you are looking for a kill for comp or even reaper title this is the team to go with everyone on the team is super friendly and very helpful 10/10 thanks again I appreciated it very much

05-Jun-2018 01:45:57

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