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Skull Pi

Skull Pi

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Throughout my time of being Base Quit's customer (and trust me, I still am), I have experienced not only the fastest floors (even counting under 10 minutes) I have ever been in, but also one of the friendliest users to chat with on the side. I can't stress enough on how quick, efficient, and cheap he is throughout his dungeoneering.

I met him a while ago when he was skilling (which is really odd to see him do, because whenever he is on, he's dunging!), but ever since then we've been friends and I have been a customer. Once you dung with him, you'll never want to buy floors from anyone else.

With that being said, this is a HUGE vouch for Base and I am extremely grateful for all the help you've done for me.

14-Aug-2014 01:52:28

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