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Over this one weekend alone, I got 111-120 dg (which led to my comp cape). Very experienced group of dg'ers who will guarantee that you reach your goals. I highly recommend that anyone that needs decently fast, consistent floors, use this service.

23-Feb-2015 10:13:05

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Bonus XP weekend went as planned, and most of our clients reached their objectives.

We managed to get
dungeoneering experience for one client alone in
under 3 days
; this led to him achieving 120 dungeoneering and ultimately a completionist cape!

Unfortunately, I will no longer be around. The next time I am back will be in the summer. Until then,
A Prophecy
is taking over! Be sure to message her.
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24-Feb-2015 03:45:19

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Hey Base,

Sad to see you gone, and right when I was ready to buy some more floors! But, it sounds like A Prophecy will leave me in good hands. Hope your time away is well enjoyed and I look forward to seeing you back again.

So that said, since you did such a great job helping with another account of mine, it's time for this account to get some love too.

A Prophecy, I have added you and I am interested in discussing prices and getting started ASAP. Shoot me a PM when you get a chance please!


25-Feb-2015 23:05:31

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