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Hey guys!
Due to some ISP problems, I haven't been able to be online; Starting tomorrow; (Feb. 28th) I will be available and ready to help!
Sorry for all the delay, and will be messaging you all soon!
Thank you. ^^

28-Feb-2015 03:44:49



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Got some floors from Base Legend and A Prophecy, great service beautiful memories were made i will be returning in the future

10/10 would cuddle with Base legend & A Prophecy again

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Are you tired of 15-18 minute dungs? are you sick of rude, money hungry keyers? well come to Base Legend & A Prophecy's dunging leeching service, through my whole time being a leech, I was treated like a friend, mostly every dung was 6:30-9 minutes max. I paid regular prices, for sub speeds! 15023495872398129348% recommend.

--Xoxo Exotec*ion the mighty.

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