Fastest Dung XP Service

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Mar Member 2017


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Finally completed my mission and just achieved 120! 80m xps in 2 weeks and it was all possible thanks to Base Legend and many great friends! Thank you very much for the great times and truly fun experience. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Thanks Team :)

18-Jul-2015 22:37:00

Raw Of Hell
Jan Member 2015

Raw Of Hell

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Hey, I only just found out from my clan that this sort of service exists :D, I have level 66 DG I need 75 for Plagues End (last skill needed) Wondered if you could help me out, feel free to message me in game and discuss :D

21-Jul-2015 02:52:19

King 0f PvE
Jan Member 2020

King 0f PvE

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Hello, not too concerned about xp but i know xp/tokens go along with each other. Was wondering how many floors/hours it would take to get 200k tokens with a Dung level of 90? Pm me in game or reply to sell floors, thanks.

23-Jul-2015 06:19:10

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