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amazing dunger! this guy has perfected dungeoneering! constant floors under 25 minutes, sometimes under 20! blazing fast! ;););)

I can see your attempt at defamation by implying a slow dungeon time. Please do not post such a review when we have never met and, more importantly, when you have never used my service.
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25-Aug-2014 22:11:35

Skilling Plx
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Skilling Plx

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My experience with Base Quit his service.

- He is a professionall in dungoneering.
- He offers a fast service, short waiting times.
- Fast regroups, and he will find other players to help in no time.
- Friendly character, he offers refunds when something goes wrong.
(even when it was not his fault)

When starting out i was lvl 25. Within no time i was lvl 50. And going for atleast lvl 99 with
Base Quit.

27-Aug-2014 17:40:32



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Awesome service! Bought a bunch of floors and most of them went flawlessly! He truly cares for customers and tries to make the experience as pleasing as possible.

Would recommend!

28-Aug-2014 04:29:21

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Amazing floors, did more floors in 2 hours with aura then with any other friend's chat. This guy is pro and I highly recommend to anyone looking to leech.

Fast regroups and offers a straight run if you want.

Will definitely see about using him in the future ^_^

29-Aug-2014 04:47:53

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