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Greetings all, I am interested in running a revolving farm for the new Player owned Farms. It would be exclusive to high level farmers and only trusted members of the community would be included. Anyone that hints of a scammer or untrustworthy with these critters would be permanently banned from using the service.

The concept is I'd like to grow and achieve is simple: Have a pair of all of the animals available for people interested in breeding. With my service, I would rent out the pair of animals for you to breed overnight. The end goal for us farmers is to fill up the breeding journal for all small, medium, and large animals including every sub category of the animal. It's the completionist approach to breeding.

Would anyone be interested in this concept? How do you see it being run and fascilitated? Since animals are expensive, there would have to be some type of lein against the cost of the pair of breeders. After completion, you would receive your loan once the animals are returned safe and sound and free of disease. Of course you would be able to keep any of the valuable compost they produce while visiting your farm :)

Thoughts and comments?


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