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Raids School was created by Roy and Emily, with the aim of helping anyone who wishes to participate in raids, regardless of ability.

We help everyone that wants to enjoy a elitism free envoirement to learn and grow more into pvm.
We are also willing to help for DareDevil feats (once u got atleast some role experience)
We arent a leech service, but we are willing to help you get a kill for completionist cape under the conditions you do contribute in the kill yourself.

We host every day at 20:00 gametime and at 00:00 gametime for those who want to learn.
We accept everyone who is willing to learn or assist us in teaching raids and want to participate and maybe even host their own team and pass on their experience to the ones in need.

For more information you can contact me or Emily in runescape by our names in game ''Sweetyy'' (me) or ''Emily Lisle'' my partner in this discord.


feel free to join and hit either me or Emily up for more information :)

With kind regards
The Raids School Team

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