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---------------Looking for a team or partner : Other---------------

Please use this thread to organise trips to such creatures as the Kalphite Queen, Daganoth Kings, King Black Dragon, Corp Beast, or other bosses not covered by the other sticky threads.

Players may also use this thread to find a Slayer Partner or Demon Flash Mob teammates.


If you are looking for a team we ask that you don't post more than once every ten minutes, this is to avoid spamming the thread unnecessarily.

Posting rapidly ( More than once per page/every ten minutes ) is spamming and unfair on other players who also wish to advertise here.

Persistent such spamming may result in the removal of posting privileges.

Looking for team for :
Coinshare/Lootshare :
Combat Level :
Maximum number of players :
Additional Requirements/Information:

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cs duo tormented demons

reqs choatic crossbows duel wield karils/armadyl

chaotic rapiers duel wield barrows/bandos

pm me or join stevie51099 fc

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tha wyatt

tha wyatt

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Looking for slayer partner (no task currently)
Slayer lvl: 44
Combat lvl: 162 (see how this is a problem for me ha ha)
Preferred master: Chaeldar (in Zanaris)
Extra info: Im 89 ranged so thats mostly what ill be using, if you have magic or melee that would be helpful, but at this point ill take anyone around my Combat lvl!! Heck ill even go lower, PM me in game if interested

10-Feb-2013 01:15:32

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