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Welcome to TeachingRots FC! Please view this forum thread prior to using the friends chat. The primary purpose of the friends chat is to act as a hub for the RoTS community, where all are welcome regardless of experience.

Joining the FC Discord is highly recommended for staying up to date with announcements related to the FC, and it offers greater details on many of the contents of this forum post.

Discord link:


Expectations for New Users
Presets, Experienced Teams & Additional Unlocks
Ranking System
Current Ranks
Rules (cont.)

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1.1: Welcome to TeachingRots FC

Welcome to TeachingRots FC! This fc is welcoming for players of all skill and experience levels wanting to participate in Rise of The Six.
ranks are the official staff of the FC.

As mentioned above, the FC has a discord server. Joining the server is fundamental for keeping up to date with updates to the FC, as well as to becoming a more integrated part of both the FC and general ROTS communities. If having difficulty in joining, either ask in the FC or PM a staff member.

Discord link:

Note to new Learners

Please read the entirety of this forum thread with focus on the next post before attempting to use the FC. Most of the required information to start is provided here but feel free to pm any staff for help or tips on any aspect of the boss!

If you would like specific advice, please post a clip of what you’re doing in the
channel in the discord. After a star rank has viewed the video, he or she will give you an assessment on how you can improve.

Please also note that using the FC is completely
in every way.

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1.2: Expectations for New Users

If new to the FC, please be familiar with the following as an absolute minimum:

Learners should state they are such when attempting to join a team.

Ranged is the only accepted style in FC teams.

Minimum gear requirements must always be complied with, details below. Teams should be aware of any lacking gear prior to starting trips.

Learners, and those new to FC, must have privacy mode OFF so that gear can be checked prior to starting a trip. Failure to change this setting if asked may result in removal from the team.

If joining a team in FC, expected trip length is one hour unless otherwise stated. If after one kill only for completionist cape, please PM a star rank to arrange a leech.

Many teams will prefer bladed dive, so please state if this ability is not unlocked.

Abide with the rules below, and treat other users with respect.

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1.3: Requirements

Ranged is now the
style allowed in the FC. Melee and magic simply do not provide comparable AOE damage.

An expanded and more comprehensive list of requirements is available in the #requirements channel in the FC discord.

Required stats and unlocks:

• Soul Link curse
• Drakan’s Medallion or Max Cape
• Supreme Ranging Potions + Blood Ess or Overloads
• Adrenaline or Replenishment flasks
• 95 Prayer
• 99 Ranged
• 87 Summoning (for nihils)
• Corruption shot
• T4 Sharpshooter or Reckless Aura
• Mobile perk for tunnels
• Barrows totems
• Discord (primarily for rank adjustments)

Required gear:

Helm, Chest &Legs:
Tier 80+ power armour, augmentation

Nightmare Gauntlets

Tier 70+ power boots.

Reaper Necklace (orn) > Reaper Necklace

Imbued Asylum Surgeons / Ring of Death > Asylum Surgeons / Ring of Death > Sixth-Age Circuit

Blood Essence + Scrimshaw of Cruelty switch > Blood Essence only > Scrimshaw only > (Illuminated) God Book

Kiln Cape > Completionist / Max cape > Combatants / Skill cape

MH Weapon:

• Mechanised Chinchompas are mandatory.
• Tier 90+ mainhand or 2h weapon.

OH Weapon:

• Tier 90+ offhand crossbow.
• Alternatives such as offhand shadow glaive, elite death lotus darts or a chaotic crossbow may be used only at the discretion of the host.

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1.4: Presets, Experienced Teams and Additional Unlocks


A preset is expected for fast banking times. Here are some guidelines on what a ROTS preset should contain:

• Supreme Ranged Potion/Overload
• (Enhanced) Replenishment Flask
• Super Prayer Renewal
• Super Restore Flask/s
• Food according to personal prefence, eg. rocktails/sailfish and saradomin brews with or without blubber jellyfish
• Barrows Totems are expected
• Drakans Medallion if necessary
• Elite Enhanced Excalibur
• Shadow nihils are the expected familiar

Example preset one:

Example preset two:

Presets can be posted in either the
channels in discord for feedback if desired.

Experienced Teams

Corporal rank is required
for those wanting to host or join experienced teams in the FC. This is to ensure all team members are of a reasonable standard as would be expected for "experienced".

Attempting to host an experienced team without meeting this requirement is a
reportable offence.

Additional Unlocks

These are not required, but heavily advised for those wanting to achieve the best possible kills.

• Bladed dive.
• Usage of bakriminel bolts.
• Reprisal.
• A 2h weapon switch, Eldritch Crossbow is preferred over the Seren Godbow.
• Undead Slayer Sigil.
• Limitless Sigil, to use during kills when adrenaline potion is on cooldown.
• Flanking 3 on an appropriate switch.

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1.5: Ranking System

Ranks are updated once you meet the requirements and have been verified. If a rank requires evidence, please post it in
channel in discord, stating the desired rank along with your RSN.

Alternatively, getting a vouch from any star rank can be obtained, but please
do not harass ranks.

Rank criteria are greatly expanded upon in the #rank-info channel in Discord.

Smiley > No kc required

- Must have read all information on this thread and have all required gear and bladed dive unlocked.

Evidence: Please provide a screenshot showing your rots preset with all the required gear to use the FC.

Recruit > 500+ kc

- The ability to DPS effectively, must survive 6 consecutive ROTS kills with a Nihil.

Evidence: Please provide a video of 6 consecutive ROTS kills.

Corporal > 1000+ kc

- The ability to incite effectively using the appropriate techniques, must survive 6 consecutive ROTS kill with a Nihil while inciting.
- Must be done on a Karil+2melee side, door method not permitted.
- This rank is required to make or join experienced teams.

Evidence Required: Please provide a video of 6 consecutive ROTS kills.

Sergeant > 2000+ kc

- The ability to tunnel and bank efficiently. Breaking rocks in the tunnel and your general speed will be assessed.
- Must have optimal perks as listed in the above post.
- Further incite vouches for triple melee (without soul link) and an A/K side.

Evidence Required: Please provide a video of 6 kills for each of the criteria.

Lieutenant > No extra specific requirements

- Handpicked by staff, overall among the best in the FC, lieutenants should be comfortable performing any role on any side consistently to a good standard, while maintaining optima

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1.6: Current Ranks

Current Generals:


Current Captains:

Suprr Freak

Current Lieutenants:

Eggroll Eric
Farmer Blaze
Khaled Samir
low dpm

Honorary Generals:

Da Sniper007

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1.7: Rules

No flaming/arguments in the FC, take it to the public or private chat. If you are consistently involved in drama/trolling/toxicity you will temp banned/banned as we see fit. Be respectful of all people in the FC. If someone is failing consecutively please suggest a couple of tips, but do so in an appropriate manner. There is no reason to be rude in this friends chat and it will not be tolerated. If you are asked to leave a team, please do so.

No name shaming in the FC. One of the main goals of the FC is to reach out to people to assist and advise them if they struggle with RotS as it is a high-level boss. If you have a problem with a certain player add them to ignore list and/or report them to a Captain/General rank.

If there is a dispute and a General or Captain steps in to handle the situation, please do not get involved in the conflict if you were not previously involved. If you continue to step-in you may be removed from the FC.

Refusal is an option. No person in this FC will be forced to go with a team, nor will a team be forced to take a person, if they do not want to. If you host you are allowed to kick someone from a team, likewise you may leave any team for a valid reason. Those hosting experienced teams may refuse people who do not meet the expected standard, which can include both gear and kill count expectations. Any disputes should be forwarded to the attention of a Captain or General rank.

Please do not spam ranks. You may pm us to ask if we are available, but if we say no just be patient and try again later. We will inform you if we will be available for a team at a later point or not.

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1.8: Rules (cont.)

No joking about or actually trying to sell Teaching/Learning teams in this Friends Chat, you will receive a verbal warning and a kick for the day. If it happens more than once you will be permanently banned from this Friends Chat.

No Completionist cape requirements are to be helped within the fc.
PM a General or Captain rank if you wish to purchase a RotS leech.

You are not to help obtain a reaper title for free, or host the leech for yourself. Payment will always be upfront and to the highest ranked of the leech team. This rule is to reduce the chance of scams, as well as to encourage potential PvM'ers to join the FC and the RotS community in general. We do not hand out free comp leeches as most of the time players Comp and never return to join/expand the RotS community, which is against what we stand for as an FC.

Do not ask for free comp leeches in the fc

Refrain from recruiting people from the FC to do other bosses in another fc. (e.g. no Rago+4)

Do not use the fc as a substitute for google, asking a question is fine, but don't ask 50 in a row.

Only English is to be spoken within FC.

9) Activities such as scamming, luring, phishing etc., even if not directly related to this FC, may lead to a ban.

You will be warned first for breaking a rule. You will receive a kick/temp-ban/ban for multiple offenses depending on the nature of the incident.

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1.9: FAQ

In what order should the brothers be killed?
A: There is no specific kill order, as you are using chins, you will be damaging each brother more or less equally if they are in a 3x3 range.

If you are on a side with Karil, the best technique is to auto-attack Karil initially, but quickly change your target to a melee brother. This means that if Karil does use a special move, you will continue to use abilities uninterrupted.

If you are on a side with Torag, it is highly advised to change target to him and prioritise him until his death.

What special attacks can each brother perform, and in what order?
A: For details on this please view the
channel in the FC discord.

Why/when do I need barrows totems?
A: The expectation is for all members of a team to carry barrows totems to create instances. First person to exit tunnels after a kill is expected to create the next instance, and in the event of a death the person who died would be expected to create an instance ready for the team.

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