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1) Display Name:Blistaknight
2) Do you meet ALL gear/level/pots reqs?:yes
3) Are you willing to follow the rules?:yes
4) What is the secret application code?:5
5) Briefly tell us your top bossing achievement/s or abilities (titles, records, other...): 864% telos.
6) Are you fully familiar and comfortable with the mechanics of AoD?:yes
7) Timezone in which you actively play in?: central
8) Will you be helping out by hosting teams within the FC?:yes
9) What roles are you confident with at AoD? (E.g. Trio base, Solo base, Range + reaver stun&voke, Mage+entangle, Melee+hammer) mage+entangle,reaver stun &voke
10) Will you be willing to join our discord server?: yes
11) Do you have 200+ AoD KC?:yes
If you apply sub kc, any chance of future add will be DENIED.

12) Provide screenshots of the following (with your RSN visible)
(QC in grouping system group chat to ensure the QC bubble is shown.)

12a. Quick Chat Kill Count for the following bosses:
Regular Nex, Nex AoD, Araxxor, Vorago, Vorago hard mode, RotS, Yakamaru, Telos.

12b. Planted feet perk + Supreme overloads or higher - yes,

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