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Vorago Hardmode Leech Service

Ever wanted to have
The Defeater
title, any
Maul of Omens
pieces or even get a
the Insane Final Boss
? Then read on!

We have experience with selling 100's of Hardmode leeches and can respond to any situation!

Welcome to our Vorago Hardmode leech service! Our team is made up of a group of friends and share the same goal to supply services to those who are interested. We have over
of Hardmode Kc collectively as a team! We are a team that has done a 4 Man kill For Every Single Hardmode Rotation! We also hold the fastest Hardmode Vorago 5 man record!

What do we offer?

The Defeater
" title
Vorago (Hard-Mode)
maul pieces

Your 100
Vorago (Hard-Mode)
Killcount for
Insane Final Boss

A Normal Mode kill for
The Reaper
or for the Trim Completionist Cape Requirement where you need to maul :P


Feel Free to Pm the following:

Akat @Akaaattt
JMJ @Juliusonrs
Red Bomb

Current Rotation:
Scopulus - Helm of Omens

Guaranteed Hard-Mode Vorago Mauls & Raids Feats

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Who do I pay???

Only pay those in the first page.

What happens if I DC?

We will simply restart the kill.

Are there any discounts?

If you buy all omens pieces or refer a friend, you will get a discount :P

Do you sell anything else?

Yes. We can also sell a Raids run for comp and sell the
Guaranteed Hard-Mode Vorago Mauls & Raids Feats

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EoFinality said:
The professional talents that this group of individuals possess far surpasses Runescape’s atmosphere as just an online game. The first HM maul granting me my first omen’s piece went far better than I had imagined. I would strongly urge anyone to take advantage of the services provided by this great group of people.

Not only was I given clear instructions to achieve the kill, but I was able to ask a dozen questions mid-kill to have them swiftly answered in a very knowledgeable fashion; which the information alone was worth the asking price of the kill.

I was so intrigued with the chemistry of this group that I asked to participate in kills just for the experience, which will hopefully be granted later on down the road when I acquire more experience with the boss.

I prepaid for the next rotation because I do not want to miss out on the almost free mauls provided, and will eventually be inquiring about bombi pet.

I want to officially say thank you to all who helped once again, and I hope these next 5 weeks are just as joyful for you as what you have brought to me.

Brodeur said:
Lovely team :P trustable guys and friendly. Gl on future kills!

Sad af said:
Easy, affordable, and fast leeches, would definitely recommend buying!

Pond Frog said:
b, fun team to do hm rock boss would buy from again

pfp said:
Bought my first hm kill from Akat on the end rotation and was not disappointed. This team got the kill done quickly and was a pleasant experience. Communication through teamspeak was good, with easy to follow instructions allowing for a straightforward kill. Thank you!
Guaranteed Hard-Mode Vorago Mauls & Raids Feats

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E said:
Leeched my full omens outfit (and daredevil) from this team, would highly recommend.

Cloudy Day said:
Really good team! Kill was very smooth. I would recommend/10

Gupples said:
Great service, last maul needed on 16th then leggo bombi. :)

Yami V said:
Easy hard mode leech can honestly say I didn't expect it to be such a breeze. Efficient team, very organized group, got my maul on first try.

10/10 for akat and his team

Zadow I said:
These guys were great can vouch ^_^

Noob Jones said:
very friendly and very organized team, got my defeator title in first try, great job on he leech service :)

JForJack said:
Great service all around. Well organised team and very friendly/easy to talk to on team speak. All very trustworthy. (Bought ~8 Bombi kills over a few days)

Creuse said:
I must say, I am incredibly impressed with the service from this team.
As somebody with 0 Vorago experience, being able to get hardmode done feels fantastic. They definitely go the extra mile to make sure you get the kill on the first attempt.

A huge thank you to the team, it was worth every gp!

Gabo said:
Affordable, fast leeches, would definitely recommend buying! got my maul of omens first attempt!!

iTom said:
Great team, With competitive prices. Very fast and clean kill with no complications! Thanks again for the help.

Profound Boy said:
Thanks guys! You've done it again, first try and it did go perfect!
Guaranteed Hard-Mode Vorago Mauls & Raids Feats

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Gazey said:
Easy to find a team and schedule a time. Smooth kill with friendly team. :P

Exodeus said:
Great and friendly teams i would recommend everyone to do this with them

Qdi said:
Great and trustable team. Mauled all rotation with them. If you dont wanna stuggle with your maul choose them !

Falkenberg said:
10/10 would do it again any day.

Darth Zannah said:
Got my Defeater title! First try, affordable price and fast speed!

AoN said:
great team, got both my mauls first try and for a great price. Thank you very much :)

simoneenee said:
great service see ya next week again

Nonpareil said:
They've been consistent and faithful and always understanding for when it comes to me doing my mauls. We've worked out a rotation of always going on the same day.

Mr_Attica said:
They give the best service got my vorago kill really quick and without worrying the title says it already guaranteed vorago kills very kind people and clear instructions best vorago leechers so far. :D 10/10

2 damn cute said:
Recently purchased a hardmode maul from this service.

Service was much cheaper than other competitors. Kill went extremely smoothly and quickly, and the staff were very helpful in chat in terms of what do to and when as the kill went along.

Also, due to internet problems, I had to wait about 6 hours before I could actually start the kill. The payment was made beforehand, and the host happily waited until I could reconnect. Teams are usually ready to go depending on the time of day.

10/10 service, will use again if I ever need to.
Guaranteed Hard-Mode Vorago Mauls & Raids Feats

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Leo Deo said:
Lovely group of people (especially sadden) ;). Very informative and kind. Would love to do more with them and highly, highly recommend!!
Guaranteed Hard-Mode Vorago Mauls & Raids Feats

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