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RiDaku said:
MercyIsGay said:
Rohesia would be dicking about in Morytania, and would totally be down to meet Iskal to purchase a few anti-poisons, in exchange for a vial of sweat siphoned for an Ardougne call girl.

Iskal would prefer some blood or some iron filings instead!

Rohesia would strangle that same call girl a day later and collect a vial of her blood instead.
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Iskal's very old silver sickle has finally broken.

He attended a royal ball, and is getting his tools replaced by much better grade materials thanks to the kindness of Camelot, in return for 500 Combat potions.

Iskal is no longer wanted in Kandarin, and can be found setting up a more permanent store there, declaring himself the 'best fix-it-er in Arrdooin."
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-A chariot from Camelot would arrive into Iskal's shop, filled to the top with several packages, after confirming that the man was indeed the potion-brewer the men of the chariot left the packages, alongsides a basket of cookies and bread with a note that said.:
Sorry for the delay!
The packages contained:

- 100 Silver Sickles

- 20 pairs of Pesters and Mortars, made of iron

- 1,000 empty vials

- 100 vials of coconut milk

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