Where does RP happen nowadays?

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Aten Pryde

Aten Pryde

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Having not RP'ed (nor played RS) in about ~900 days, and having noticed there is a few posts about the decline of W42 etc. etc. Where does RP mainly happen? And, if there is no places like that anymore, what are the most active groups?

30-Sep-2016 21:40:34



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No real hub anymore. Some groups to looks at tho

The Chosen Battalion

United Kingdom of Kandarin

Kingdom of Camelot

We also have a friends chat where a good number of us hang out.

Friends chat name is : Spartae

See you in-game!
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30-Sep-2016 21:45:09



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Yeah, Nick's hit the nail on the head. RSRP is a lot more organised now - that is, freelance is non existent and you won't just stumble and find RP - you've got to get in touch with people and organise it.

I'd definitely recommend hopping into Spartae's FC and generally just chatting to see what's what.

Nice to see a vet back.
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30-Sep-2016 23:11:51

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