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Nasty Smell

Nasty Smell

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I don't want to blather on so I'm going to keep this simple, and spoiler the explanation.

Now, when looking at the community in general there's an incredible lack of communication out of 1 on 1 rp's or asking within the small clans you hug up to. There's becoming a point where people rarely interact outside of these (dare I say it) cliques, and there's no way of warning people if there's RP, what's going on and such along those lines. People often have a plethora of characters within multiple guilds and I believe Spartae Dei had a similar idea back in the day about this, and I was a stanch supporter.

I believe that if we made a designated RSRP clan chat with everyone joining, we could sort out inactivity and spur up freelance lots easier. This is also spurring on from Applejuice99's post about being IC constantly (Which I disagree with to a point) and feel it would be a great compromise. I know many people will disagree, but there are always ways around it and despite what people think of myself or the whole idea in general, I would ask everyone to consider this proposal with both an open mind and an open heart.

With the less organised state of W42, I think we should remedy it with having a clan chat for ALL RPers. Current clan leaders would gain certain ranks and be able to run their POC's out of friends chats. Even though I'm the one pushing for the idea, I think that everyone should push for an election of sorts for who will lead it, and the admins (Which will be decided both through them presenting their cases). The leader of the CC, if people don't vote for a specific outstanding individual would be a shared account (Although that's against Jagex rules so we'll "Sort something out" over skype.

I ask that you provide honest and unbiased criticisms and keep flaming to a minimum.

Ty, - Finn.

P.S. Feel free to post, I want to hear your opinions.
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This was tried before and it didn't work. Arguments arose because of who would lead the CC and who would be admins. Friendships and/or people not liking others would always have some sort of effect on how the clan was ran. It wouldn't work.

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26-Jun-2016 18:06:57

Dom Sicarius

Dom Sicarius

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Uhm, excuse me. I'm in charge of my own body and I can do what I want. How dare you propose logical solutions to an entire server's issues. You should be blacklisted for using such ingenious ideas.

However, I will (or one of my other clique-friends) will try for the same idea sometime later down the line.


- In all seriousness, as Baergon pointed out this will never work. Sorrynotsorry.

26-Jun-2016 18:09:41

Angry Adair

Angry Adair

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Baergon said:
This was tried before and it didn't work, because of who would lead the CC and who would be admins caused rows because of friendships and/or people not liking others. It wouldn't work.

If the person who was elected to lead said CC could contain all the drama and arguments that are likely to follow such an idea sure i'd see the benefit do i know anyone who fits that ticket? no i don't, again i appreciate the idea Finn but i'm unsure about how it'd play out in practice.

26-Jun-2016 18:12:25



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Even though I doubt you could get all of 42 to do this, you can still try to get a large group of people so at least you'd have SOME traction. Who knows, maybe this will eventually get all 42 rp'ers in it. Sign me up. |
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Nah, to be real. Some people don't want to deal with the entire sphere of role-play and only want to be set on the ones they enjoy. A shared CC will make them have to deal with things they might not want to.

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