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IC Intro

The symphonic clangs of hammers against anvils on Anarient forges resound in the early morning air as the first streaks of golden rays break out unto the horizon. The rays greeted the waking elven populace of Hailawen Sanctuary which were just beginning to emerge from their low-built wooden cottages to bask in the first hours of daybreak.

Sentinels shuffled hastily out of their barracks to replace shifts as their respective Enforcers trudged on the sidelines barking orders. Bands of rangers and hunters trickle in and out of the Sanctuary and into the woodlands as numerous shops open their doors for the day's customers and fishermen ready their boats for the eventual venture at sea. Younglings ran to and fro, living their childhood to their fullest while young apprentices attend the Royal Etessien Academy.

Soon enough, the warm morning air carried on the soft-flowing melodious hymns of Seren's priestesses emanating from their temple. Their liquid voices echo throughout the Sanctuary and into the heart of this ancient forest like whispering veils singing a song of soothing calm and everlasting harmony for all Sylvans to hear.

The Hymn of the Morn had been sung and the Sanctuary had stopped and listened. All had taken the prayer's message to heart as a few gazed intently upon the distant human colonies or far unto the horizon. Blessed by her words, they abandoned all fear, abandoned all doubt. For these is the land of the Sylvans, their last bastion. And it shall be theirs until the last Sylvan utters his or her final breath and welcomes the call of the Crystal Goddess.

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OOC Intro

Welcome to the House of the Sylvan elves of
World 41
! This thread is dedicated to all elven enthusiasts and roleplayers out there. I hope you find it sufficient to meet your expectations. Maybe enough to make it a haven for one of your elven chars.

I'm Alisa and I run this roleplay along with my sisters Kathelyn Hoo and R0binaXh00d. We often use the fc
and our CC
House Sylvan
. Feel free to visit both and experience what the Sylvans have to offer.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Table of Contents
III. Rules
IV. History
V. Heirarchy and Political System
VI. Territories
VII. Attributes
VIII. Society
IX. Helehdmir and Anarient
X. The Sylvan Military
XI. Application Form
XII. Census
*III. Pre-made Characters
*IV. Chronological Entries

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1. Basic forum rules apply.
2. Respect fellow members and other rp'ers.
3. Stay active.

Clan Laws and Regulations

1. Worship of other deities aside from Seren is prohibited within the blessed grounds of the Sanctuary.
2. Desecration of any object or place of worship relating to the Crystal Goddess is punishable by exile.
3. To renounce or denounce Seren equals the abandonment of oneself's identity as a Sylvan and is punishable by exile.
4. The life of a fellow Sylvan equals another. To take one's life is to forfeit oneself's unless the reason for said act is justified to the Circle.
5. Crimes relating to theft, arson, assault, etc. are punished according to degree of damage.
6. All able bodied citizens, 200 to 800 years of age, are obliged to be assimilated into the militia if such order is given.
7. Neutrality must be maintained towards all other races unless proven hostile.
8. Outsiders are to be treated with extreme caution. Limit interaction as much as possible.
9. All outsiders must be registered before being allowed access to the Sanctuary.

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Brief History

Arrival and Settlement to Gielinor

The elves were divided into eight clans as they arrived and settled throughout the realm Guthix and Seren had provided them. Each clan is known for their distinct specialties in abilities and trade. The Cadarn clan was the most powerful, excelling both in military and politics with the Iorwerth clan coming a close second. The Ithell clan are famed for their highly proficient crystal-chanters. And so on. The Sylvan clan on the other hand, have always been connected to the wilds. Hailing from this clan are the finest rangers, explorers, hunters, and wayfarers. They led the way in securing Tirranwn's borders, setting up countless traps and other methods of defense as the first realm of the elves is founded.

They also often spearheaded expeditions in paving the way for the exploration of early Gielinor, usually serving as scouts. They also assisted the Cadarns on the few small-scale battles that the expeditions encountered with other hostile races.

A Sylvan is trained to easily adapt to almost any climate and thrive with what little resources available. These qualities enabled them to be the first to successfully venture and settle beyond the borders of Tirranwn. In fact, majority of the elven settlements throughout Gielinor are of this clan by that time.

With the devastation brought by the God Wars, many of the clan's cities had been cut off and never heard from again. This had greatly impacted the clan's population seeing that most of its settlements are vastly scattered and caught between the tides of the war. Those that had survived had retreated to Tirranwn where they sought refuge until the war's end.

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Civil War

The end of the God Wars sparked yet another age of expansion. Since the war had severely devastated the Sylvan population, it was the Cadarn clan this time that led the settlers on the now-familiar continent with only a few Sylvan caravans with them.

Snatching the opportunity for power, the Iorwerth clan finally decided to seize control of the capital, Prifddinas. The clans had been divided into two sides and inevitably sparked a civil war. With the very few Cadarns remaining in the city, the Iorwerth is the most powerful clan currently present and it took the city by force.

The Sylvans, being loyal to the Cadarns, supported the latter along with the other clans and tried to resist. This led to the terrible loss of lives on both sides but the Iorwerth had the upper hand from the beginning and soon took full control of the city, slaughtering or imprisoning any resistance. Among those captured are heads of the Sylvan clan, King Elion Telrairyl and Queen Roanmara along with other royalty and officials, whose fates remain largely unknown to this day.

Some who've survived have also been driven off the city including Lord Ivran Moonheart, Steward and Captain of the Guard, and his mate Lady Alyndra. Prince Alfqar Telrairyl was the only one of royal bloodline to have escaped the city. He then disappeared mysteriously without a trace, handing over the clan's rule to Lord Ivran by default. In turn, the duke and other remaining heads of the other clans rallied to join the Cadarns in a campaign to retake the city which ultimately failed.

After years of bloody conflict, Lord Ivran withdrew his surviving clan members to Hailawen Sanctuary, the last remaining Sylvan settlement outside Tirranwn. He also ordered the making of an outpost northeast of Varrock, bordering the Wilderness. This is for the purpose of exploring it in hopes of finding a weapon or any effective means that can someday be used for another campaign in reclaiming Prifddinas.

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Post-Civil War and into the Fifth Age

The Sylvans, though exiled from their homeland, began to thrive in their forest settlement, Hailawen Sanctuary, under the rule of Lord Ivran. Unlike the other clans, they do not rely heavily on crystals but on their environment instead. One reason for this is the clan had always lacked crystal chanters, with Queen Roanmara being the only notable one. Another reason is that since the crystals are often seen as highly valuable by other races, its use was limited after numerous accounts of attempted thievery and raids in order to keep a low profile.

The clan's population continue to recover steadily, nearly doubling from their meager numbers in the post-God Wars era. By the last years of the Fourth Age, Lord Ivran had three daughters with two rising up to take vital positions in its military. But still, compared to other clans, the Sylvans remain too few in numbers. Many of the survivors of the God Wars were also left with horrid memories of their past experiences and were afraid to venture and settle outside of Hailawen ever again.

To preserve the integrity of its recovering population, Lord Ivran declared a state of neutrality on all issues regarding its surrounding kingdoms with the exception of the Sylvan and Cadarn clan's alliance pact. The two clans are devoted to aid one another in times of need, both in wartime or peacetime. The clan is heavily inclined to be self-sufficient and reliant with outside contact commonly limited to simple trade or diplomatic meetings.

Lord Ivran and his mate are seldom in Hailawen and are often at Lletya with most of the Sylvan's army, helping out the Cadarns and other rebels on their continuing efforts in retaking the capital. This left the care of the settlement and outposts in the hands of the Captain of the Guard and his Lieutenants.

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(--) = means that it's a vacant slot available for other characters to fill in

The Sylvan, like other elven clans, are under monarchistic rule of a king and a queen with a small group of elders and high-ranked officials serving in the council of the Emrallt Circle. The King holds majority of power with the council serving as advisers, lawmakers, ambassadors, and justiciars.

King: Elion Telrairyl (fate unknown)
Queen: Roanmara Teilrairyl (fate unknown)
Steward: Lord Ivran Moonheart
The Emrallt Circle council:
> Lady Alyndra Moonheart
> Lord Zaref Merethil
> (--)
> (--)
> (--)

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