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A few of my own opinions.

The current Guide feels very outdated. I wasn’t even sure that the owner roleplayed anymore, and felt the need to ask him. There are several paragraphs that read like a guide about roleplay in 2015. The Guide also feels...different. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about being told to create a character by way of choosing an outfit and a religion first is just off putting. I prefer to write an abstract for a story line, something closer to cliffs notes for a novel, and brainstorm from there. The outfit, the religion, even the character’s name and personality are naturally developed through the story as it is told.

Then there are some parts of the guide, which I won’t mention by name, where even after a year of rust has accumulated on my shoulders I can instinctively point to and say “yes, I know who originally wrote that, and why”. There shouldn’t be this sort of feeling in a reference for new or returning role players. The wikia doesn’t have that feeling for much of its content, and on that website you can actually see all of the contributors.

Lastly a comparison of the two threads which are under debate. The newer intro thread is okay. Not great, as it doesn’t feature much for returning role players, and it is still a bit confusing for newer ones. It could do with a few additions, but it comes across as an attempt to say hello. The older guide feels almost vestigial in its current state. If I need a reference guide I must instead refer to the RSRP wiki, of which there is only a tiny mention on the guide, or ask an experienced player for assistance, for which only one is listed on the guide.

Based on this I would recommend a complete revision of the Guide, and a bit of simplification and addition made to the Intro. The Intro is short and to the point of being a true introduction. Tutorial Island. The Guide, at least to me, feels caught in an odd limbo between the wiki and the game itself, but is neither. Ashdale.
All that for a pile of bricks.

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