Wolf War on the East Horizon?

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WAR ON THE EAST HORIZON? 30th, Ire of Phyrrys

The truce between Werewolves and Humans is off!

Following an incident in Canifis where several members of the community of the quiet town were set upon and publicly interrogated by a "feral" man dressed in Saradominist robes, tensions have been high. After the recent goings-on with the Salve River, tensions between the lupine inhabitants of Canifis and the people of the west have been high - in light of the fact that werewolves are able to pass the salve river.

Regardless, an unspoken truce was formed between humans and their lupine friends, a mutual agreement that cooperation was better than bloodshed. Until the event in the past few days, whereupon it was made clear that the inhabitants of Canifis were done with a complete truce.

Not long after, over 40 werewolves were found dead in the Mort Myre, at the hands of the same Saradominist man and his unnamed accomplices. Werewolves are by all accounts, a dying race, and a massacre on this scale is completely unheard of and borderline genocidal.

A group known as Krov' - Svoboda, which in Canic translates roughly to "Blood is Freedom", took out several hunting parties into the southern Mort Myre. Their leader, Anton Kirill, made it clear that would make an example to the humans who "still sought to hold them back", and that this would "only be the beginning".

The identity of the man who massacred the werewolves is currently unknown, but the authorities of Canifis - and Krov' Svoboda - are trying to find out the man's identify as quickly as possible.

Stay tuned - The Limping Hound will keep you updated on the situation!
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