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Right. Time to get typing for a thread of some sort.

Those who posted some ideas, thank you for you input! I will use some of those ideas, albeit covered in a dressing of my own recipe. I'm going to start lobbying too, for people wanting to actually roleplay around the themes mentioned in posts before. Feel free to drop a message here if you wish to join/help and also, more ideas are always welcome.

Don't Skype me though, contact me in-game or on the forums, please.
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07-Oct-2016 07:00:44

Pesky Goblin
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Magnickicent said:
Pesky Goblin said:

I think that was meant as a joke, in regards to someone making a speedy decision for themselves on a similar thread. Not naming any names but you should be able to tell who I'm talking about

ye ik it was a joke. I jokingly responded with that.
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07-Oct-2016 07:02:12

Angry Adair

Angry Adair

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Startraphell said:
I approve, but it has been tried before by Drak. If you want more info about this, ask her. I would not like to spread slander.

Slander is telling porkies with intent to defame or insult, you'd just be giving false information.

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Also go croconutz

07-Oct-2016 21:52:40

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CrocoNuts said:
House Myreque.

For all official intents and purposes, the myreque no longer exist, so having a house based around us would make no sense for an underground group of rebels, just putting it out there. Whether that do exist at all or not...depends on how hard you look.

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07-Oct-2016 22:49:08

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I'd like to see more RP involving the aftermath of ROB, Have the community split into two factions, those who wish to follow Vannescula and be more mutual with the humans and the separatists who take a more traditional approach and see humans as nothing but food and slaves.

It would create a really cool RP dynamic, would be like the American civil war with the union and the confederates. I don't think there is enough of us to make that a viable role play though.
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08-Oct-2016 17:41:06

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