Roleplaying - In-Game Rules

Roleplaying Forum Guide

In the shadowed corner of the fetid smelling inn you see a tall stranger in a black hooded cloak, dusty from the road. With frightening rapidity he flings a battered looking guide to the glorious Roleplaying Forum at you.

What is the Roleplaying Forum for?

Creating a Roleplay.

This is either an interactive story where users act out characters that participate in a narrative that grows and expands through events. Or, this is a themed world where users act out characters and create their own stories and events. Both types should have some form of progression within the storyline; this could be character development, player made stories, or an overarching plot by the GM.


The Role-playing In-Game forum is primarily used to "promote" role-playing clans or groups. It is also a place to post "story-esque" writings, which substantively support in game role play. These stories should focus primarily around in game events and/or entities. Follow up posts to the stories should include, support and/or encourage in game role play. Examples of such stories include, but are not limited to: Character backstories; political backstory affecting an in-game role play; stories which define and/or coordinate complex in game plots.

Question and Discussion threads

These are the only Out-of-Character threads allowed in this Forum. Threads about your characters dying should not exist unless it is some form of plot device, but feel free to post about it on a respective clan thread(s) - discussion should always be relevant to the topic and spam is a complete no-no, like all other threads.

Posting in-character literature, such as diaries, and biographies is acceptable, but discouraged -these should be only on designated biography threads where others share theirs too (should one exist) or on clan threads where permitted.

Threads that do not fit these criteria are not permitted.


Please make sure that whatever and whenever you post it is not offensive and on-topic. If you can, try and help those who have queries. Remember, it's a community; Get Involved!


1. The Force is strong in me! Can I create a Jedi roleplay game? You can be by Padawan!

Please ensure that your roleplay setting is unique. It’s fine to be inspired by a popular movie or TV show, but you shouldn’t blatantly copy them. This forum is the perfect place for showing off your creativity.

2. WW2 is my favorite topic, can I make a RP based on it?

No, real world politics, religion, and war (especially in the last 200 years), is not an appropriate theme for a roleplay, neither is any topic which portrays a real world country, or ethnic group as "evil" or "bad".

3. I wanna have my characters fall in love, can I?

Yes, however you must keep all romance PG-13, you also may not use a time-skip to hint at non PG-13 content within your roleplaying.

4. I want my characters to swear, can I?

Swearing is swearing, even for roleplaying purposes. Please don’t bypass the censors.

5. I don't want to include Generic Player in my roleplay, and want to let others know why. Can I do this?

The posting of Blacklists, Whitelists or any other form of exclusionary lists on threads in this forum is absolutely prohibited. Member lists do not come under this, so long as they are solely used for the purpose of denoting members of, and standing within, the clan.

Blacklisting is where a player is ignored due to past role-playing experiences. This is in-game and should remain so. It should not be posted on threads under any circumstances. Please use in-game facilities (such as ignore lists, personal and clan) for this, but do not advertise it. Blacklists are often used to name & shame, which is off limits, and to make examples of "bad roleplayers". This should never be encouraged. Instead, do your best to help.


Naming of players is to be avoided other than in select circumstances:

- Member's lists, given only IC name, OOC name and rank/job.

- To address other players in response on threads In no circumstances should a player name be used to insult, shame, flame, annoy or otherwise harm or harass the other's reputation.