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Citadel Screenshot Competition
Clan Citadel Screenshot Competition

To celebrate the launch of Citadels, we have ten pieces of concept art signed by the Clan Citadel developers and artists to give away. Each piece of concept art is an A1-sized, super high-quality photographic print with signatures from the artists and developers on the back.
To win one of these stunning pieces of artwork, we want you to send us a screen shot showing your Clan Citadel full of life and bustling with activity. Although your screen shots can be of any area within Clan Citadels, we would particularly love to see:
  • Clan Battlegrounds
  • Keep exterior
  • Keep interior
  • The entrance portal
  • Resource gathering

As a competition winner, your entry will also feature on the RuneScape site as an official screen shot of the biggest update of the year so far.

Competition Rules

  • Entries must have at least a screen resolution of 1280x1024
  • Entries must have the skybox enabled with Open GL/high graphics activated
  • Entries mustn't have on-screen interfaces such as chat boxes, mouse pointers, inventory, map etc. (We suggest using the Orb of Oculus)
  • Entries must be attached to an email and sent to by midnight on Sunday, 7th August (UK time).
  • Entries must have “Citadel Screen Shot” in the subject line and your user/screen name in the email.

Happy snapping and good luck!

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Lord Courage
Feb Member 2020

Lord Courage

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Should we wait longer so we have better citadels as many will look the same at tier 1 and 2.
Lord Courage - Leader of "Courage and Valour" 70+ clan.

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Capt Coors

Capt Coors

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Awesome idea! I love the new update, and I really think that you guys put a lot of effot in it.
First time ever being on first page :o

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Cameron H

Cameron H

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I think i will wait untill we are at least at tier 2 before i try to do anything :)
Love the update!
Clan member of demons from the deep.
EDIT: First time on front page :)

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Joshua B
Mar Member 2022

Joshua B

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1st page w00t!!!

im gonna love the competiton!

( just to let younguys know... my cc has an awesome citadel so ur gonna have to step up ur game!)

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