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Celeste Afro

Celeste Afro

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"The next time you call me a pin head i will take this ball and land you in the gutters"
"New skill: Bowlineering. watch out for Tar'lek the pin dropper on the waxed floors"
"you might see this ball as a bowling ball, But mod John sees it as opportunity!"
"See that face? that's the face of a champ!
See that beard? that's the beard of a champ!
See that hair? trim it up a bit"
"You might be wondering about why this mans face is so serious. Well they set up the pins with faces of other Jmods."
"Turkey!? who you callin' turkey!?"
(to make this refference funnier, i'd just like to point out that a turkey is 3 strikes on a row)
"As serious as he wanted to be in that picture, that ball is only 12 pounds"
"You see, in runescape, everyones hands are rounded. here is an example concept from Mod John. Now pick up your drink with those hands"
"That lady behind him had to look away from his sheer awesomenss."
best of luck :)

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