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J Mod Community Challenge
J Mod Community Challenge

Team Forums
Team Facebook
Leader: Mod Captain
Leader: Mod Baker011
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It's a dog eat dog world out there. The strong overpower the weak, the smart outwit the stupid and the brave conquer the cowardly. Jagex Game studios is no different. We want the best of the best here and we can think of only one logical solution to keep our staff on their toes...A contest!

On Fridays we're looking to pit our two teams of Community Mods against each other. We're going to throw epic challenges and hilarious contests at them till they cry and beg for mercy. Why? Because it's fun!

We're giving you the opportunity to not only laugh as a J Mod humiliates themselves beyond belief, but to suggest the silly and entertaining trials they will have to face. Those trials could be anything, an epic race across the fields through to a flower arranging tutu's!...OK...maybe not the Tutu's as there are just some sights which cannot be seen right?

So how does this madness work?

On Fridays we will post a list of challenges on the RuneScape Facebook Page and using the Quick polls on the mainpage. You can vote for your favourite challenge and the one that wins will be the task our J Mods have to take on.

The challenges will pit two teams of J Mods against each other, Team Forums, led by Mod Captain and Team Facebook, led by Mod Baker011. They will bring with them a team of Jmods ready to work for your approval! More info on the mystery teams later...

Every victory will earn that team 1 point and they'll be competing weekly to see who has the most points at the end. They'll be looking for your support too and you can cheer them on both via Facebook and on this thread.

This is daft and weird...How can I join in?

Joining in is simple. Just let us know on this thread your suggestions for epic challenges. We'll collect our favourites and put them on the Facebook poll for the Community to vote on.

So what you waiting for? Give us your epic challenge suggestions!

The Challenges this week

  1. Sticks and Rocks
  2. The RSGP Challenge
  3. The Blind Portrait Challenge.

More details coming soon!

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J Mod Community Challenge
The Story so far
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Wearing the following:
Fun-run suits, such as cartoon frogs elephants,mice etc..
Dashing through the jagex compound doing a series of random events such as:
Your own in-game collection but playing them in reality!
Bursting balloon animals to get keys for a door.
Building a small behive/other construct.
Fishing cooked fish? well close but fish :P and maybe even the pirates treasure (cap'n arrav).
[Option to throw goo and gloops is a good bit of fun for the opposing team :)]
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first page :)
suggestion: eat a whole tube of wasabi without drinking anything
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