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Daemonheim Asunder Q&A

Hello RuneScape Lore fanatics!

On Thursday 7th July at 16:00pm BST (forum time) we will be hosting a Q&A on this forum thread for the latest RuneScape lore story "Daemonheim Asunder" with it's writer - Mod Scorpion!
This is your opportunity to pick his brains about the story, the characters, where the ideas came from and literally anything and anything to do with creative writing!
As a bonus the players who come up with the three best questions will get some signed RuneScape goodies, so if you fancy getting your hands on some autographed RuneScape merchandise now is your chance!
Answers to the Q&A will be posted on this thread
And if you haven't read the latest story in the RuneScape universe, you can do so by clicking this link:

Daemonheim Asunder

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Profiling. :D
EDIT: Right, here are a couple:
1) Will you continue to release more lore like this in the future? :)
2) Will this piece of lore tie (significantly?) into the Dungeoneering finale?

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When can we start asking questions and is it okay to ask for more information regarding certain aspects of the story (or will we be met by a "I can't tell you that yet" answer?)
*Begins to gather questions*
1) What floor did this take place on? Since the Hobgoblin Geomancer is usually found on Abandoned, was it there or lower near the Occult floors?
2) Are the voices the hobgoblin hears from the Kal'ger demons dimension or the same ones Bilrach hears?
3) Did the Hobgoblin have his powers before entering Deamonheim or was he born with them? I remember from his scrawlings that he woke up one day and realized he was different.
4) Is this the same hobgoblin we fight in Daemonheim or a different one? If so, how does he and all the other creatures of Daemonheim keep coming back to life?
5) Are we likely to get a continuation of this story soon?
6) Why was he digging for Bilrach anyways? Was he born there or brought there by Bilrach?
7) Why is he stationed to "protect" the way to the bottom of Daemonheim? Did Bilrach put him there or did he choose to?
8) Do the Kal'gerian Demons know that Bilrach is a Mahjarrat or do they just think he is a powerful wizard?
9) Are we, the adventurer, the worthy foes Bilrach promises Kal'ger?
10) Who do you think would win in a 1v1 fight, Bilrach or Kal'ger?
11) Is the demonic energy the strange power or something entirely different?
12) What is at the end of Daemonheim? (okay, I know you can't answer this one but thought it was worth a shot;))

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Ello Scorpion, this was a surprise to see a new Lores and Histories, I wasn't expecting anymore Daemonheim history until the sagas, but this is great :D
I've been trying to research the chronicles and peice together what might be at the bottom of Daemmonheim, and just history about Daemonheim itself, so these questions will be lore-based.

1) It almost seemed like the descriptions sounded like the Abandoned floors, and that they were currently digging down from that. Though, with the Brute/Rammernaut references and the portals, as well as the Behemoths/Stalkers that would imply it was at least in the Occult floors, was that the depth where the story took place?

2) The voices that the Hobgoblin Geomancer heard seemed to want him to 'escape' rather than continue digging down closer to them. While the voices Bilrach hears seem to want him to get closer. Were the voices the same ones Bilrach heard? And on that note - the same ones the other references of 'voices' such with Thok/Marmaros/and the faint things we can hear on Occult?
Strangely, the other references seem as if they are evil, yet these, though in hindsight, seem to want the goblin to get power. I guess their intentions aren't predictable :P

3) If the Hobgoblin went through the portal to the realm of Kal'Ger's throne room, and the portal collapsed afterwards, how did he get back? Also, if there was such a power in Kal'Ger's throne room that the voices seemed to suggest the Hobgoblin to take - why did the Demons leave that behind?

4) Is Skaldrun the one called Grondaban, referenced in a couple journals? ... Well, not that I expect you to answer confirming it, but mwahaha, his secret was revealed! :P ... Or I could be wrong again. >.<

Hmm... I can't think of anymore atm, but if I come up with them, I'll be sure to ask :P

EDIT: I could't think of anymore, so four is all. I realize those questions may be hard, as to not reveal too much, but thanks and good luck on the others :)
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Greetings :).
1. Is there any possibility regarding a video focused around Lore being released sometime soon, such as a video that accompanies a certain Lore and helps bring more attention to it by influencing people who normally wouldn't indulge in Lore, to indulge?
It wouldn't exactly serve well since it isn't in writing, but it would appeal to a different audience!
2. Will Jagex ever accept creative writings, similar to them accepting fantastic pieces of art, and display them on the RuneScape Website?
I've seen many talented writers around RuneScape, and I'm sure they would love to make such submissions ^_^.
3. How much of an emphasis to you think should be placed on Lore in RuneScape? Do you, as I do personally, believe Lore is something that adds a tremendous layer of interest to a game?
That's all of the questions I can think of for now, and thank you very much in advance for answering the questions of mine and everyone else's!
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I am looking at my scripts of lore ideas, a bunch of loose papers. Though you can't promise anything, I am comfident story writing competition might happen after this week.
Taking a little advantage of the circumstance, I wanted to ask you something.
When thinking up a story, for Deamonheim as an example, you obviously follow the background or general history guidelines of RuneScape (I think Paul is/was responsable of that)...

1) Does RuneScape history has a logic or fiction reasons of how and why 'magic' takes place? In other words, those 'facts' that are never-to-be-revealed that explains things such as magic, dimensions, and the character's adventure (player questing) actually exist within the Jagex HQ library?
I mean the 'facts' are usually shrouded in mystery, while events in storylines just hint them. Do they exist?

2) Can a conversation type of story be considered lore. In other words, can lore also be presented in first-person point of view, and not the omniscient third person narrator?

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Edit: Where the hobgoblin finally arrives on the throne, is that where the strange power is located? Or somewhere very nearby?

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I suppose story writers like yourself need a large amount of mythological and history knowledge to make the stories and its content always fit properly into the RuneScape scenario; a mystical medieval time. When we put it that way, all the magic dissapears. Its just a story writer using real life content to produce items and npcs.
My question is; When working, do you always feel the realistic part of your job OR the fantastic world you shape: like locking yourself into a dim lighted, cramped room full of books, within a lighthouse far from the surface or society to study the unspeakable horrors of decades of unbounded imagination?

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