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Celeste Afro

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-As many of us know, Bilrach himself can hear voices in daemonheim. Sometimes in Daemonheim our character (if you have your volume on) can hear whispers but they don't really mean much. So what inspired you to make the hobgoblin have the voices too?
-In the story i can't help but feel that i may have misunderstood something. When the hobgoblin jumps through the portal he lands near the throne with weapons all along the walls, similar to how the boss room is layed out in dungeoneering. But i thought Kal'ger came from another dimension first? why would he already have a throne in daemonheim?
-This lore in particular was quite violent. Did you find it difficult to write in the battle, or did you find it more natural?

06-Jul-2011 13:35:46

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