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September Caption Competition

September Caption Competition Image
"OMG! This floor is delicious!"

Your task is simple: Come up with the funniest possible caption for this image.
Once you have your answer, post it on this thread or send it to us by email at Please include the word 'caption' in your subject header to help us spot your entry! If you are under 13, please ask a parent or guardian to email your entry to us on your behalf, from their contact email address.
You can enter as many captions as you like. We read every single entry, so you will have the same chance of winning whether you post here or submit by email.
Lastly, if you're entering by email, please remember to let us know your RuneScape account name! (Obviously this isn't a problem if you're posting on the forums. :P)
The competition will close on Friday 23 September - so get your captions in as soon as you can. We will then go through all the entries and find the ones that get the best response from everyone here.
Although the main reason for this is to have fun, we will offer up a couple of prizes for the wittiest entries, and both winners will have their captions featured in the next newsletter.
So, good luck everyone - we can't wait to see your great ideas!

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*touches the stomach* "I have had enough of the TASTY floor, I will let someone else have a turn."
"He's gonna turn into a ghast soon, time to get out of here, OMG NO, they updated the Mort Myre Swamp, now I am stuck!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I will burn this Corpse and get a Soul Talisman from it."

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"I warned him. Never. touch. my. beer."
"I warned him. No. more. pillar. jokes."
"Unconscious stranger with spread legs + golfstick = win."
"This guy just asks for a kick with this golfstick.."
"And you're not going home untill you find that golfball.."
"Let me escort you to Lumbridge Mod M.. Wait.. is it September?"
"H4h4 l2r3sp4wn n00b!"
"I just love it when gravestones dissapear."
"Training thieving irl by blackjacking because you're a fearless Jagex Moderator."
"No, no, no.. You're doing it wrong. Just rightclick to examine the plants."
"Now where shall I hide the body this time?"
"Emilee! I thought I told you to hide it properly?!"
"What? I aint done anything dude?"
"Sooo THAT's what planking means?"
"Now that's what I call a good faint emote."
"Next week to #Runescape: Man-eating ivy!"
"And the new skill is...: Planking!"
"Oohh that's why they removed the tree spirits randoms!"
"So that's why this idea of male spirit trees was canceled."
"Ohhh he said Hi mister great lord and ruler of death? I'd swear he said smack me on my head."
"I've been waiting for hours.. When will this dude finally transform into a ghast..?"
"I told you to bring food when travelling through Morytania.."
"We should have picked the easy route Zachory.."
"Death enjoying the fact that citadels have no fences."
"Looks like the Dominion tower won't have fences on the roof."
"Looks like Grim has gained some weight lately."
"Now to burn this thing so I can upgrade my Ivandis flail.."
"Note to myself: Make sure you don't let go your golfstick when golfing."
"Now call me a fat Grim again huh?"
"To do list: Kill an ivy bot: Check."
"The awkward moment when you hit a colleague while golfing."
"I told you it was poisonous.."
"The only way to Lumbridge ~ Poisonous ivy." Ah Shut up Airs..
"I wish my dog was as good at pretending dead as this guy."
"Nobody calls my scythe a golfstick without suffering for it."
"Ohhh.. So that's how Death looks like as a human."
"3..2..1.. Coming! Now..Where could he be

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Celeste Afro

Celeste Afro

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-"It's not enough that I've killed him, but putting his face in an ant pile? now that was just evil of me"
-"here we see two individuals trying to hide from sunlight. One takes a much more drastic approach, while one is smart enough to bring robes"
-This is what happens when Pking isn't restricted to the wilderness...
-Ok, get up, they're starting to make captions out of us.
-After killing a man, perhaps he will turn over a new leaf?
(terrible pun!)
"I'm becoming one with Mother Nature!"
"No you just look idiotic to me"
"I told him not to beat me at minigolf or I would beat him."
you can guess how many men this minigolf cruisader has killed! Four!!
(play on words...just an awful pun honestly)
I pushed him over, and then he died I swear!

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