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Celeste Afro

Celeste Afro

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-"It's not enough that I've killed him, but putting his face in an ant pile? now that was just evil of me"
-"here we see two individuals trying to hide from sunlight. One takes a much more drastic approach, while one is smart enough to bring robes"
-This is what happens when Pking isn't restricted to the wilderness...
-Ok, get up, they're starting to make captions out of us.
-After killing a man, perhaps he will turn over a new leaf?
(terrible pun!)
"I'm becoming one with Mother Nature!"
"No you just look idiotic to me"
"I told him not to beat me at minigolf or I would beat him."
you can guess how many men this minigolf cruisader has killed! Four!!
(play on words...just an awful pun honestly)
I pushed him over, and then he died I swear!

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