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RuneScape Community Newsletter

The Gielinor Globe


Welcome to the October edition of the Gielinor Globe, the RuneScape forums' very own monthly community newsletter.

This month's newsletter features a sentient combat tower, a selection of player artwork, details about RuneFest, clans and Gnomeball! And of course you will also find all of the usual features you know and love, such as the monthly prize competitions and an all-new set of Who The Zamorak? facts!

Thanks for reading the Gielinor Globe and thanks for playing RuneScape!

Mod Jon H

RuneScape Community Engagement

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This Month in RuneScape

October is always a busy month for RuneScape content and this month is no exception!

The headline update for this month is undoubtedly the fearsome Dominion Tower.

The Dominion Tower is a sentient edifice that can trawl through your memories, allowing you to relive past boss encounters in a new, purpose-built combat arena. You will face unique, bespoke challenges based around those bosses that you have unlocked in the past, and you will be able to show off your accomplishments to your friends... and enemies!

Also coming this month are some innovative Chat Changes and upgraded Camera Controls.
We’re adding new ways for you to control your camera movement by adding a new mouse cam. This allows you to use your middle mouse button to change your camera angle - which means you can navigate the game world using solely the mouse. To use the feature, you’ll simply need to hold the middle mouse wheel to pitch and rotate the view.
Our chat features are going through a massive overhaul too, and will soon be able to offer features like auto wrapping text and chat "modes", allowing you to change your default typing mode from "public" to "Clan", "Friends", "guest clan" etc. This is designed to make chatting in different modes even easier but will still allow users to stick to their old "//" methods if they prefer.
All of these camera and chat changes affect both the free and members versions of the game, and were based on suggestions from our players via our forums and fan sites, as well as those in game.

This month also sees a new Agility-themed addition to the Distractions and Diversions - The Pit!
If you find yourself training your Agility skill towards the end of this month you might find yourself bumping into a mysterious talent scout who’s interested in finding some candidates for "The Pit", RuneScape’s newest and least forgiving D&D. It’s somewhere you’ll only be able to reach via an invite, though, as you take on one of 6 different madcap events designed to give you a well-deserved break from your favourite Agility spot and test your luck and skills. Those that do well will earn generous XP rewards, unique cosmetic gear and the respect of the crazy characters at the course. Are you good enough to catch the talent scout’s eye? Start running laps and find out if you’ve got what it takes!

And last but not least, October means Hallowe'en! This month will see the release of the 2011 Hallowe'en event - Deathcon 2!

This Hallowe'en, Death himself will be inviting you into his own Hallowe'en-themed castle to help out with Deathcon 2, a 3 week convention to celebrate all things spooky. Meet new characters and old favourites as you engage with perplexing puzzles and catastrophic conundrums, earning you new cosmetic items, a new emote and a chance for non-clan members to see what citadels are all about. There’s even an exceptionally cool hourglass item available only to RuneScape members for this Halloween, so be sure you’re subscribed during Deathcon 2 if you want to get your hands on it.

For full details about all the exciting RuneScape content you can expect in the coming month, check out the October Behind The Scenes - available now!
Mod Jon H

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Mod Jon H

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RuneFest 2011

RuneFest 2011 is almost upon us!
Everyone here is so busy preparing for what promises to be an absolutely amazing weekend. We really can't believe it's so soon now - by the time we come to produce this newsletter for next month, the event will have been and gone!
Here you can see the programme of events for the Main Stage (click to enlarge):

Of course the main stage won't be where the only action is! We're also hard at work putting together a wide range of additional rooms with stalls and events galore.
Of particular interest to many of you will be the Insider Sessions, a chance to hear directly from many of RuneScape's top developers and executives as they discuss the past, present and future of RuneScape.
Check out the Insider Sessions page of to learn about all the sessions that will be taking place.

As always, you should keep an eye on the What's On? page to find out more details about what activities are coming up at RuneFest.

RuneFest 2011 will be held in London, England on the weekend of 29-30 October 2011.
Tickets are available here:

Mod Jon H

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Competitions Update

It’s been a pretty exciting month when it comes to competitions. Along with the Quiz Quest and Caption Competition, we now have finalists for the Golden Gnome and RuneFest Gallery contests.
The Golden Gnomes Awards
Our epic Golden Gnome Competition has ended. We’ve had some amazing entries this year and we loved pretty much all of them. It took a lot of time and many J-mods but we finally whittled it down to the final few for each category. Check out the entries here:
Best Overall

Best Animation

Best Storytelling

Best Voice Acting

Funniest Video

Best Use of Sound

Best Use of Effects

If you want to see who wins this year make sure to pick up a RuneFest ticket and head to the Golden Gnome Awards live at RuneFest 2011.
The RuneFest Gallery
With just shy of one hundred entries for the RuneFest gallery we were spoilt for choice this month when it came to picking the winners. All of the competition artwork will be made into gorgeous canvas prints and displayed in London at this year’s RuneFest. When RuneFest is over, the winners will receive their pictures, a bag full of Jagex goodies and a month’s free membership.
To see the winning entries, check out Galleries 26, 27 and 28 of the Players' Gallery.
You can also see a selection by scrolling down to the 'Player Submissions' section of this newsletter!
Mod Kathy and Mod Crow

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Mod Jon H

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Clan Update

Jagex Cup Roundup
The Jagex Clan Cup has concluded for another year and it’s been another fantastic spectacle to play and watch. With the launch of the Clan Camp and the Clan Citadel, it has been the year of clans and a year in RuneScape wouldn’t be complete without this tournament.
It all began back in July, just before the Citadel launch, with signups for the competition with new and exciting Sub-Divisions and the ones that you all know and love.
  • The Combat Cup – A tournament held in F2P Clan Wars

  • The Skilling Cup – A test of a clan’s ability to work together and find the fastest average XP rates

  • The Combined Cup – Mixing your clan’s skills in Combat and Skilling to overcome the enemy

  • Combat Sub-Divisions – Under 90, 91-114 and 115+ Combat Level, Community Clan and 20v20 were all available divisions to take part in

  • Skilling Sub-Division – P2P Skilling Cup

With an extremely hard-fought competition across all of the Cups and Sub-Divisions, it culminated in the final weekend of August when many a person was slain, much clay was processed furiously, and the Skilling results were announced.
Without any further ado, here are your Jagex Cup 2011 Winners!

Jagex Clan Cup 2011 Winners
Combat Cup Winners: RuneScape Dinasty
Combined Cup Winners: Family Unity Network
Skilling Cup Winners: Divination
Sub-Division Winners
Under 90 Combat: Titans Revolution
91-114 Combat: Natural Born Killers
Over 115+ Combat: RuneScape Dinasty
Community: Titans Revolution
20v20 F2P: Cheer Up
20v20 P2P: Wicked Fury

We had a fantastic time and an amazing response from the clans for this year’s competition so the Jagex Clan Cup 2012 will be even bigger and better than this year.
We will be taking all of your feedback on again, as we did before in 2010, to ensure that the tournament continues to grow and be engaging.
Mod Timbo

Look out for the Staff Editorial section later in the newsletter. Mod Timbo is back with some post-Jagex-Cup analysis. Don't miss it!

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Mod Jon H

Mod Jon H

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Player Submissions

Every month, we feature a selection of original works submitted by players. We're always amazed by how talented you are!
This month, as part of our RuneFest artwork competition, you have submitted a huge range of excellent artwork.
Here's a selection of some of our very favourites here in the Community Engagement team:

The Petes by Fugaz Star

Runefest Promo by Warri0r Nz

Lucien by Shipy Nine

Dungeoneering Trio RuneFest by Apricotius

Untitled by Jalanar

The Wilderness by Northern Pie

Completionist Dragon by Cape Licker

The Brave and Magnificent Ozan by H Llewelyn

To see even more of the great submissions, check out the latest instalments of the
Players' Gallery using the following links:
Players' Gallery 26
Players' Gallery 27
Players' Gallery 28

If you would like to submit a piece of original content to be considered for the newsletter, please feel free to email it to us at We can't promise to use every submission but we do view all of them. We look forward to receiving your contributions!

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Mod Jon H

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Forum Spotlight

In this section, we will be showcasing a different noteworthy forum thread each month.
This month's featured thread celebrates the esteemed RuneScape tradition of Gnomeball. It was created by MO Jordeh in August 2011 and has already received over 50 pages of posts - a testament to the community's love of Gnomeball!
Check it out and get involved here:

Quick find code: 42-43-198-63148578
Home > RuneScape Forums > Events - Regular and Ongoing > • National Gnomeball League •

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Staff Editorial

This is an occasional segment in which a member of the Community Engagement department will write a short piece about something that is currently occupying their thoughts.
This month, Mod Timbo has written a piece about the Jagex Cup.

Community Blog: The Jagex Cup
The Jagex Clan Cup 2011 is now over and it’s now time to reflect on the competition as a whole. Firstly, huge congratulations to the winners of each of the main Cups and to those that fought in the Sub-Divisions to come out on top. In this community blog, I’ll be talking about the Jagex Cup with regards to why certain things changed and what we thought about the tournament personally.
The first thing to talk about is the timing. The reason that we decided to go with a late July launch would be to coincide with the Citadel’s launch, surfing the promotion wave and excitement about clans at the time. This, with hindsight, wasn’t such a great idea because both were pulling at each other and forcing clans to make decisions on what they take part in and resulted in a lower amount of clans taking part than the previous year. In addition, we shortened the competition to just 4 weeks so that it would finish before a majority of people’s summers were over. This again wasn’t fantastic for everyone but it goes to show that we can run the tournament much shorter than 8 weeks down to 4. This is definitely something that we’re going to look at for next year.
It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, we had another fantastic turnout for a tournament and it was enjoyed by all who took part. We improved a number of systems from previous years such as more detailed results for the Skilling Cup (and much faster), prominent and updated memberlists that were available for you to check and the addition of the display name rule that was sorely missed in 2010. A lot of this is down to the preparation work that we put into the tournament with the Skilling Cup, prepping the specially built systems and spreadsheets to cut down the amount of manual work from weeks to days. During the first ever Jagex Cup it took us 2-3 weeks straight with overtime to process all of the data as we weren’t prepared for it.
In conclusion, I’m fairly happy with the way that this year’s tournament went as we progressed in a number of areas such as administration, preparation and getting things going. However, it did have its issues such as promotion, rewards and timing which are all easy to address for next year. We will be preparing for next year’s competition early next year to ensure that it’s bigger and better than ever before – and this time we mean it.
Mod Timbo

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Mod Jon H

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Quiz Quest

Each month, the Quiz Quest tests your knowledge about the RuneScape world. There are prizes for five winning entries and we hope that you all enjoy hunting for the answer.
Thank you to all of you who entered the September Quiz Quest competition!
The correct answer to last month's Quiz Quest was this:

Q. What is the natural habitat of a Ghast?
A. Mort Myre swamp.

Well done to those of you who got it right!
(A note on the answer: we accepted several variations, such as "the swamp", "Morytania" etc - as long as we could see that you knew what a Ghast is and where you would go to find one, we took it.)
This month, congratulations go to *drum roll*... Lrb1996, whose entry was the first one to be selected. We are delighted to give him three months' complimentary membership to RuneScape and a mouse mat signed by a selection of Jagex staff members including Mark Gerhard.
The following four players are the runners up, each winning one month of RuneScape membership:

  • Joey111456

  • Sacred HT

  • Wild Yojimbo

  • Troopawr

We choose the winners at random, so if you didn't win this time, try again!

This month's Quiz Quest:

Which skeletal figure was frozen but not forgotten?

Once you have the answer, post it on the October Quiz Quest thread or send it to us by email at - and if you could include the words 'quiz quest' in your subject header it will really help us to spot your email! If you are under 13, please ask a parent or guardian to send your entry in on your behalf, from their contact email address.
Please remember to include your RuneScape account name with your answer if you submit by email - that way we will know who should be rewarded for their fact-finding power!
The competition will close on Friday 21 October 2011 - so get your answer in as soon as you can.
Good luck finding out the answer!

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September's Caption Competition Winners

Last month's photo showed Mod Keildest and Mod Crow:
September Caption Competition Image

We asked you to come up with a great caption, and you came up with some amazing submissions.
This month, congratulations go to... Anita Mahnn, whose entry was personally selected by Mod Crow. We are delighted to give her two months' complimentary membership to RuneScape and a Jagex mouse mat signed by a selection of Jagex staff members including Mark Gerhard.
Our awesome runner up was MasterM who will receive one month's RuneScape membership.
Here are the winners, and the 'best of the rest' captions. -

Winner - Anita Mahnn
"Apology accepted, Captain Needa."

Awesome Runner-up - MasterM
"Death enjoying the fact that citadels have no fences."

Notable Mentions:
Legless562 - "No one told me he had a heart condition before I jumped out the bush and shouted "Surprise!"..."
Faux Fox Pas - "If a 'tree' falls down in the middle of the forest and I'm the only witness around to see it..."
Lord Gavo - "Brings new meaning to the words 'lying down on the job'."
Krazy_kid341 - "I take it back, I can trust you a lot farther than I can throw you."
nsed - "I don't have the heart to tell him he is lying in poison ivy."
Ectolion - "Do you always wet yourself and play dead when you see a squirrel?"

October's Caption Competition is out now! Head over to the October Caption Competition thread to see the new image. Better get those puns warmed up!

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Who the Zamorak?

Each month, we give you a selection of facts about a mystery J-Mod and invite you to guess who it might be!
Last month's facts were all about Mod Scorpion. Well done to SK9, Zero Kiryu07, Silver, Pixma1000, IlRed-Dragon, MilkN2Sugars and Tamal for getting it right!
And now on to this month's contest! Here are ten clues about another J-Mod from the Community Engagement team.
All the clues are true (and ever so slightly odd, but that is half the fun!)

  • I like cats and cats like me

  • Pikachu is my best friend

  • I'm in England since a year now and my English is still broken

  • I love salted pop-corn!

  • On my desk you can find a shop of food. Yes I eat all day long.

  • I have a big passion for pen. I love them all!

  • I love to write some lyrics of stupid songs on my friends chat channel. I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie woooooooooorld

  • I love fluffy little things!

  • My Mod Name doesn't make any sense. It's just a childhood nickname.

  • In game you'll find me with bunny ears and a scythe! So cute.

There are no prizes for Who The Zamorak?, it's just for fun. So get your thinking caps on, and when you think you know who it is, post your answer on this thread! If you get it right, we'll list your name in next month's newsletter.
Game on!

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