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Celeste Afro

Celeste Afro

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I've heard of branching out agility courses, but I didn't want him to take it so seriously.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
A more proactive approach at getting birdnests.
Climbing boots? Who needs em!
Long story short gentlemen, this is why we do not catapault people into trees.
So i've climbed the tree...hey...where's the monkey bars!?
This picture disproves that you need Ninja greegrees to climb the tree. However the archer monkeys may not be so pleased with you.
You gotta come down SOMETIME!!!
~*Megaphone* Sir get out of the tree!
-No!! I must train my agility!
~Sir this is not runescape, get out of the tree, it's very dangerous and we have people concerned about you down here.
-Not until I find the birds nest at least!
~Sir why would you need a birds nest?
-It might have a ring inside of it, or a God egg!
*silence for a moment*
~Guys it's clear he's not going to cooperate, get the ladder.

03-Oct-2011 21:29:49

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