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Suggest a Competition!
Suggest a RuneScape Competition!

Hi all,
Every while we like to launch an epic competition for our RuneScape community, be it to create epic videos in the Golden Gnomes, design outlandish works of art in the gallery or write epic tales that would make Shakespeare all weepy with jealousy.
We love coming up with these competitions but we know that there are always more possibilities and we know that we have a powerful and imaginative resource for these!
Yes, we want to hear your suggestions for epic RuneScape competitions. They can quite literally be what ever you like, though of course do try not to suggest any that only you could win (I tried that with the 'Great be called Mod Crow challenge' but it didn't really pan out) :P
We'll go through all of your suggestions and if there are any that we like we might see if we can bring them to life. You don't need to plan out the whole thing yourself, just an overview of the idea would be great.
We look forward to hearing your ideas!
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14-Nov-2011 15:51:12

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costume contest: get a bunch of players in the best costume they have and then get a few jmods to judge and find the best This appears to be where I need to put something funny

14-Nov-2011 16:16:54

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A competition to make the best, most beautifull and nicest player-owned houses you can think off. So in fact a house-design competition.
Maybe the winner(s) could get a unique item to place in their POH. Like some sort of competition trophy or a plaque for on their walls.
There could be different categories, like: Best lay-out, most beautifull design... etc.
And afterwards there could be given some neat parties in the houses :)
Maybe at the start of the competition players can be given some garlands etc. to make their houses even more decorative.
Maybe as the competion comes to an end, F2P players can visit some of the nominated houses, to have a sneak peak on how a POH looks and works.

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Another idea i have:
A competition in which players have to make a 3d, real world model of a in-game item/building etc.., they then need to make a picture or video of it and send it in.
The items/buildings etc.. to make can be picked by the mods ofcourse.

14-Nov-2011 16:55:57



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I don't know how the RuneScape olympics will be. But it would be very cool if there was many different competitions there.

And it would be cool if there was tournament between all players of RuneScape. So we can find out who will survive and is the best warrior. This would be unfair if only maxed combat players will survive, so it must be some combat categories.
And this competition could be once in a year. And the winner(s) would be the 'Warrior of the Year'.

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Aside from my ideas which I'm about to share, I would like to make a few comments about the above two ideas ^_^.
I like the idea regarding a sort of Olympics, perhaps called the "Wintumber Olympics" and held in December, of course, so hopefully that flows well for Jagex.
Oh, and as for Jagex-run story contests, I honestly have never participated in one before, and only a single, community-operated poetry contest ever before, but I really, really would love to see such contests.
Not only would it prompt some minds to begin flowing, but it would also be great fun to see all sorts of creativity unfold!
As for my ideas, how about competitions that bring light to some of the more neglected in-game activities, such as Trouble Brewing or Fishing Trawler?
That can be organised in collaboration with any existing groups dedicated to such in-game activities, and personally, I would love to see some more activity pushed towards those areas!
It would also be neat to see more forum-related competitions, to be honest, which could include the usual such as riddles, "find me an item that..." challenges, lore quizzes, and so much more!
I can't think of much else aside from that, for now at least, but I am looking forward to seeing what competitions rise from the feedback given on this thread :).
Just your friendly neighborhood team player.

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A race across runescape could be fun
create a world where mage spells are disabled and agility has no effect on running length and send everyone off

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Best ideas for Easter event 2012! :)
1st place: Event idea taken by Jagex. Free membership for 12 months, a basket full of Easter goodies with autographed RuneScape goodies as well!
2nd place: Event idea posted for all to see on forums. Free membership for 6 months, a small bag of goodies.
3rd place: Event idea posted for all to see on forums. Free membership for 3 months, a small bag of goodies.
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15-Nov-2011 04:23:11

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