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This new form of Dragon Armour isn't very effective against Ice Barrage- or pickpockets!
Why did you have to wear your new set of safety gloves- and hug me, at the same time?!
After successfully double-teaming Nex, Mod Crow sports a new haircut- 'Clawed back'.

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"It's not whether you win or lose, It's how you handle your whine"
"Are you guys nuts? " Mod #1 No I am nuts and he is pretzels" Mod #2 " I think I got the short end of that staff"
Runfest attendees " Can we talk to you two for a second?"
Mod #1 "Play dumb"
Mod# 2 "Who is playing"
Mod # 1 "What am I doing here?
Mod # 2 " According to Wiki your balancing the picture out"

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