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Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds! Enter this competition and if you're incredibly lucky, you could walk away with an original campaign T-shirt as worn by Jagex Chocatrice Supporters!
Here at the Chocatrice Campaign HQ we've been sent photos of Chocatrice posters from all over Gielinor but we need your help identifying where the photos were taken. If you want to show off your RuneScape geography skills and bag yourself a T-shirt that even Evil Chicken supporters would be proud to own, this is the competition for you!
Name all five mystery locations by replying to this post and if your name is picked out of the hat, the t-shirt could be yours. Better still, before we retire the shirt from active duty, it'll be signed by the finest J-mods known to man (that we could find at short notice). It really doesn't get better than that.
To see the t-shirt itself in action, check out the VoteChocatrice campaign thread.
The deadline for entries is 23:59BST 15th April!
To full of chocolate to think straight? don't worry, use this handy template!
Mystery location 1:
Mystery location 2:
Mystery location 3:
Mystery location 4:
Mystery location 5:
If you're rubbish at Geography or worse, are an Evil Chicken Supporter then you can bypass this test of skill by picking up a t-shirt directly from the Jagex store.
A vote for the Chocatrice is a vote for chocolate!
Paul M (@modpaulm)

All Jagex competition terms and conditions apply.

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They really are a mystery at the moment. The images are being updated now. ;)

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