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12 Years of RuneScape!

We're continuing the twelve year celebrations this weekend and the JMods are getting into the party spirit!

Join Mod Sushi Pi, Mod Phoenix and Mod Sabre on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th in Draynor Village for fireworks, spawns and most importantly: prizes!

During the parties Sushi Pi, Phoenix and Sabre will post special anniversary codes into the public chat and the first to redeem these with Diango will find 200 RuneCoins on their account!

Where should I go?
You'll find the party JMods in Draynor Village square at the following times:

Saturday 12th January:
  • 3pm (GMT) - World 12
  • 6pm (GMT) - World 11
  • 9pm (GMT) - World 23
  • 12am (GMT) - World 11

Sunday 13th January:
  • 3am (GMT) - World 24
  • 3pm (GMT) - World 11
  • 6pm (GMT) - World 23
  • 9pm (GMT) - World 24

See you there!

**Update, to keep lag and low performance under control, we've updated the world list which now include some F2P worlds

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Wait, so you're having a "who lags the least and can type fastest" competition? Also, could you maybe switch up the worlds a bit, maybe have each event on a different world? Scattered throughout the world, maybe? The reason I ask...

C:\Users\Micha>ping -t world12.runescape.tld
Pinging intau1-eth0-4.jagex.tld [internet protocol address] with 32 bytes of data:
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 367ms, Maximum = 569ms, Average = 380ms

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Good luck to all who are there and have fun. :D Prob won't be able to make these times cause I lag a bit during these events. :( Oh well maybe in rs 3 events like these will be better for me. ^_^

Almost forgot to add Happy B-day Rs and many more!:P
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safe, one world event at a time.

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First page!!!

The other posters are right. This might not be a very organized event if a code is going to be sent into the masses for anyone to redeem. Shouldn't this be a trivia game or something?

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