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Regicidal - Mod Lee

Hey guys,

We're excited to introduce to you Mod Lee, or you may know him as Regicidal or maybe just Lee! Lee recently joined the Jagex Family and who better to tell you more about this, than the guy himself!

Over to you Lee!

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Hey everyone! :D

My name is Lee, although you may know me better as Regicidal in-game. I'm 20 years old and I'm honored to be a part of the Jagex family. I've been playing RuneScape for ten years and I've been making videos about the game for eight years under the YouTube channel "Regicidal1". I've made several different types of videos consisting of; RuneScape music videos, commentaries, guides, comedy skits, and RuneScape raps. I'm a Completionist cape holder in-game and I have a vast amount of knowledge about everything RuneScape. I love to entertain and help the people of the community and I'm very excited to be working with Jagex to help entertain, bring together and better this game's community and the game itself as a whole.

While I'm working with Jagex, my goal is to do the most that I possibly can to make this game, as a whole, better. I truly love this game and I really want to see RuneScape and its community flourish. Whether I'm gathering feedback from the community and pointing it in the right direction, coming up with ideas for new content, making entertaining and informative videos on the RuneScape YouTube channel, speaking with all of you through social networking sites or whatever else I may be doing, I want you all to know that everything I'm doing is for the love and passion of the game. I'm someone who understands RuneScape from every aspect. As a new player, as a Completionist Cape holder, as someone who is engaged in the RuneScape social networking communities, and now as a part of Jagex. So if you ever have any questions, RuneScape, YouTube, Social networking, About me or anything else related, be confident in asking me, because I'm here for you guys and because of you guys. I'm here to represent the community and I will make sure that everyone has a voice and is involved with the future of RuneScape.

Make sure to leave me a comment so I can chat with all of you! :D

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Gratz lee BFF
"What a man does for himself dies with him. What he does for his community, lives long after he is gone.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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