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Mod Infinity

Mod Infinity

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Hello everyone. :)

I'm Mod Infinity, a Community Engagement Specialist working within the RuneScape Community Management team!

My role involves getting completely stuck in with the community, including helping support fan sites, clans, volunteer moderators, as well as organising in-game events, social media competitions, forum games amongst many other things.

I'm hoping to spend as much of my time with you guys on the Forums, Twitter and in game, with a view of getting my friends chat open for all to join as soon as possible.

Look forward to speaking with you all soon. :)

-Mod Infinity-
Mod Infinity
Senior Player Support Manager

28-Oct-2013 12:54:25

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28-Oct-2013 14:37:12



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Welcome! Saw you come into Mod Mark's Fc :p I am very active with events, twitter, and such, so I have a feeling I will see you around!
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Haider - hope you're having a good day! ;)

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Divine Idea
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Divine Idea

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Welcome to the community, Infinity!

It's great to see a new face, and I'm sure you're going to love it here. Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table (events, videos, etc.) and speaking with you further!

28-Oct-2013 14:46:59

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